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8 week old bearded dragon

It is my hope that no matter how old your bearded dragon is… that this post will answer any question you have in regard to not only how often to feed them, but also what to feed them as well.

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There is no denying or avoiding the fact that Australian bearded dragons Pogona vitticeps have made their mark on American herpeteculture, and that they are here to stay. Combine a calm demeanor, dragon-like appearance, a handful of fancy color variants, and a reproductive strategy that would make most rabbits jealous, and you get the bearded dragon, perhaps the perfect lizard pet. As the popularity of this species has grown, so has the demand for captive bred babies.

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An adult will be fully grown at 12 months of age.

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Bearded Dragons should measure anywhere from 16 to 24 inches in length and weigh to grams. Most of their size comes from their tail. Their tail is at least the same length as their body — if not longer. Forecasting the adult size of your baby dragon can be difficult. A bearded dragon full size is 16 to 24 inches in length and to grams in weight.

Bearded dragons reach their full size after reaching sexual maturity. The exact time of sexual maturity changes for each lizard but most fall between 8 to 18 months. At this age a healthy adult will have a filled-out belly and thick tail base.

Popular species

If it grows larger than 24 inches then it is probably an uncommon morph known as the German Giant. German giants can grow to be 32 inches long and 1, grams.

A Beardie is considered unhealthy if they are under 16 inches in size or weigh less than grams after 12 months. Stunted growth can be caused by many factors and affects their physical or cognitive development. A juvenile is aged 2 to 7 months.

Over the course of these five months they will grow from 8 grams to ! You need to make sure your pet is given enough space and is separated into individual gallon cages.

They begin to have territorial tendencies and vary enough in size to become dominant. Larger dragons may dominate the food bowl, good basking areas and hideouts. During their first two months hatchlings can grow at 1 — 1.

They will also gain 5 to 35 grams over the first two months.

You will need to weigh babies weekly to make sure they are within the normal growth rate. If you are concerned your hatchling is not growing fast enough then observe their feeding habits and check their lighting. They may not be eating enough because of competition between other hatchlings or because they are ill with an impaction or metabolic bone disease. Each subspecies originates from different regions of Australia.

They are sized differently to adapt to those specific regions:. Baby bearded dragons have an extremely accelerated growth phase. Their size will increase quickly from three to eleven inches within their first three months of age. You should expect them to grow two inches per month and gain 10 to 50 grams each month. During their rapid growth phase they shed once or twice a month. After a year their size growth rate slows to a stop and they will shed just once or twice a year. After one year your Bearded dragon will weigh around grams and will gradually bulk up over the next 12 months. It may seem impossible to predict how big your bearded dragon will be, especially considering growth facts such as environment, diet and health.

However by using a growth chart a fairly accurate guesstimate can be made. At six months of age if they are 15 inches or more you can expect your dragon to be on the larger side.

It is likely you have a very large dragon that will grow to 22 inches in size. A Beardie at six months that is 11 inches in size will most likely be between 16 to 18 inches as an adult. Normally Bearded Dragons stop growing after they reach sexual maturity at 8 — 18 months. The size of your dragon at 12 — 18 months will be its final size. They may grow slightly over the rest of their life — but it would be very minimal:. Babies and juveniles grow very quickly during their first year of life, but what factors influence how fast they grow?

Bearded dragons are sexually dimorphic but this is subtler than most pet lizards. Females are typically 16 to 19 inches in length. They are normally on the smaller end of the spectrum for length and head size. You should avoid feeding low-nutrient foods e. Finally, their diet should change with their age :. Specifically their housing. Improper tank size can lead to stunted growth as your dragon will not have enough space to grow or exercise.

Juvenile bearded dragons can live in a gallon tank but adults need a gallon enclosure. You also need to make sure you have the correct lighting in their tank.

In addition to the UVB light, you will need to feed a calcium supplement with vitamin D. Faulty or incorrect lighting types can hinder or stunt growth. This will compromise their metabolic function and can cause metabolic bone disease. Illnesses such as impaction or parasites will prevent them from getting enough nutrients. If you see s of weight loss, bloating, sluggish behavior or ificant appetite changes then speak with your vet. When monitoring their weight you should make sure there is not sudden weight gain or loss. Changes in weight can be a of illness. It is important to keep lizards a healthy weight.

Excess fat can lead to prolapses and organ diseases. Fat species will have a bulged belly that overextends beyond its sides when standing.

They will also have very thick legs and a plump chest area. If only the belly is enlarged and your beardie is female she may have egg retention and require surgery. If your bearded dragon is overweight you should start by checking their tank temperature.

An underweight or skinny Beardie will have a flat body with wrinkled, loose skin. For baby bearded dragons you should track their weight gain to a growth chart. Typically underweight Bearded Dragons are juveniles who have not hit their growth spurt or are adults with anorexia. Now you know how big an adult bearded dragon will get. A healthy and well-nourished adult Bearded Dragon will be 16 to 24 inches in length and to grams in weight. Hatchlings are born three inches long.

What size should a bearded dragon be when it's

They will grow two inches per month for their first three months. If you notice any sizes outside of the normal ranges, then immediately review their lighting, diet, and tank-size.

As long as they are within the stated size range, then you have a healthy reptile. A healthy diet, correct environment and consistent husbandry will help your dragon reach their full grown size. The oldest recorded bearded dragon was Sebastian who died at 18 years and days old! Diet, enclosure, sex, size, species and breeding can all impact the lifespan of a Bearded Dragon. Armadillo Lizards are tiny one-of-a-kind reptiles. Their spiny coats of armor make them the closest thing to a dragon you can own. The Savannah Monitor is one of the smallest and most popular species among the monitor genus.

They are popular because they are very friendly and are easier to keep than other larger monitors. We have a 5 month old with probable German Giant bloodlines. His tank is 4x2x2 but he has a good couple of hours free run throughout the house. He has no issue with climbing a flight of stairs and he loves to swim. He has about large locusts a week and eats plenty of greens, fruit and vegetables. Should I do something for his weight? I am having a problem with both my dragons weight too. They both turned a year old and one is grams that is the female the male is grams.

Please help?

Tips for raising baby bearded dragons in captivity

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Size and Growth Chart There are many factors that influence how big adult bearded dragons get. Their full grown size is determined by genetics, sex, environment, diet and health. Genetics 2. Gender 3.