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Aisin warner aw 4

This article covers transmissions used in the following vehicle models and years:.

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Not yet a registered user? You are required to Register before you can post within this topic. Post Reply. Yet I would like to get a bit more performance [snappy shifting] out of it without having to go to a standard tranny I have looked into transmission kits and can not find anything for the AW Does anyone know of or have any mods for this tranny?

Re: AW-4 Aisin Warner Automatic Transmission Quote Post by amcinstaller » February 27th,pm i beat mine sufficiently in my humble opinion and i agree that if kept cold, it is a fine transmission. Nor will God for that matter.

Contact SilverXJ. This is also a transmission used on Toyota supras and I think they can be modified so you may want to look into that. As far as snappier shifts I had the PCM modified on my XJ that eliminated torque management and it gave much firmer shifts. Contact Website Yahoo Messenger.

Still, I've flogged a couple of them rather soundly, and the only problem I had with one wasn't the transmission's fault - I lost the bellhousing screws, and there was about an inch of daylight between the engine and the transmission. I do know that Level Ten www.

He builds them to order, so it may take a little bit - but he's good about it all. How hard did I flog mine?

Aisin warner aw4 automatic transmission

How about towing a 17, trailer 30 miles on surface streets? Beat Hell out of my brakes and no-one but me believed I'd get that Ditch Witch to the shop so I could work on it! Didn't get it there fast, but I got it there! Even my boss was amazed I was more amazed that I didn't run across any cops more than anything else.

Ever since the explosion, there's been a little piece of him on all of us Looked into a couple of suggested sites that showed some mods to AW4. I wonder if these sites that sell parts realize we are under an economic crises [prices too high]? With some of the prices I saw, "I'll need a bail out to buy them.

It showed the AW4 being a good transmission but could not handle V8s or Stoker engines and can or does get hot when worked hard. The key word "Stroker" caught my eye - the other "worked hard -gets hot, which requires a larger cooler". However, one site that was quite interesting was a mod to help increase pressure of the transmission and suggested any rebuilds to use Kevlar bands for longer life and extra durability heat.

The other is to remove the valve body and add spacers to the two accumulators. For additional info on this mod.

Seems there has to be some transmission site out there who is taking the consumer for a ride with their pricing for mod kits! Its a decent magazine but they frequently talk out of their asses and are just plain wrong.

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Maybe this should be a different "thread" What JEEP magazines do you like to use for your ideas? I find for the price of a JP magazine and the amount of information in there kind of le me to believe there should be a lot more in it. Yet did not know about watch out for some of their information Guess you could get into a trap real quick with some of their ideas They all had overmiles when I was done with them.

The only thing I did to the one on my is add a transmission cooler.

I've only replaced 1 out of 5 transmissions in my various XJs. The only reason I replaced it was: 1. I had one laying around and 2. When I swapped the engine which I also had laying around I pounded the transmission pump swinging in the 4.

The "new" transmission had k miles on it, was pulled from a rollover wreck and stored under a porch for 3 years before I got it. I made no effort to drain it other than replacing the transmission pan gasket. TurboTom wrote: i will eat my words later if need be.

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