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Atlantic record labels

In October Atlantic was sold to Warner Bros. In the music group was rebranded as Warner Communications, and shortly after the operations of all of its record labels were reorganized under a new holding company, Warner-Elektra-Atlantic short WEAwhich is now known as Warner Music Group. There are several minor variations of this de, as many of the early releases eg.

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Back: Atlantic overview. Skip to: every title mono. Skip to: every title stereo. The Atlantic jazz catalogue was more limited than the specialist jazz labels — Mingus, Coltrane brieflyand Ornette. Full wiki discography of Atlantic — jazz series. The following year, in OctoberAtlantic was sold to Warner Bros. In some cases the only way to own it on vinyl, though CD will provide an equivalent audio experience.

I have a black label Atlantic Lenny Tristano. How would I know if it is? Is there a DG stamped into the dead wax runout groove? Were deep grooves only on the first pressings or did subsequent re-issues also have it? First press is unambiguously deep groove in the outer label area, like all the titles pressed around that. Non-DG dies first Atlantic record labels to appear in lateand overlapped in transition until as late asdepending on pressing plant for Blue Note certainly, others, who knows?

To be more definitive, a picture of the runout and label would be more helpful.

Adventures in collecting "modern jazz": the classical music of america from the fifties and sixties, on original vinyl, on a budget, from england. and writing about it, since % coronavirus-free content.

There are often visual clues not identified in verbal descriptions. Did I miss something? How strict is your starting point for this label de?? Kind regards. I found a several pressing that I interested: 1. Looks like some Atlantic repress, but has few indications which one. It was not until around that the single stylus microgroove system became industry standard. Thanks for your reply! From what I understand from your labels overview, older stereo issues would have had the green circle, not the purple one.

And Aaron in the comment above probably found my version! Thanks Rudolf.

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New issues on this label have a fair chance of being OK, but reissues are generally disappointing, based on limited experience, of course. Unless I have a specific reason, I tend to avoid them. I really treasure all the info and painstaking research and effort you have carried out. If condition was the same — that is a big if, — I would prefer the earlier edition.

Six years extra wear from heavier tone-arms, but heavier vinyl, often deeper groove cut and oddly, louder. A second issue may be re-mastered and not pressed from the original metal, though I have no special knowledge regarding this title. Lots of reasons to favour the earliest edition. I have to caution regarding early stereo. It makes some recordings quite hard to listen to, but that is a personal thing. I truly appreciate it LJC.

I have the same question as regards 45rpm labels. Would like to be able to date it. A lot of records went on to multiple repressings so you have to follow things like cover detail, logo de, cover addresses, to narrow it down further. My reservation is when it comes to reissues of earlier released titles. But they are cheap, no big deal if its not so good.

Thanks for all the information here.

Thank you. What should the label look like? Ring or White fan? This label runs until aroundwith small changes in the logo-box de. More research required as regards stereo, and exact transition pointsbut the full Monty with pictures will be added to the Atlantic Label Guide soon. Thanks for recognizing Atlantic records! Should you want more help with your early Atlantic discography?

I have been collecting US Atlantic pressings for years and am only a few records shy of having all of the mono, stereo and wlp pressings from the series. Working on the series now. I would love to compare notes, share photos, fact check, etc…. It seems they did not start issuing promo pressing until sometime after ? Does anyone have any white label promos pre ? Anyone have any info about — Perpetual Emotion — Erroll Garner [?

Hi, there are still a few gaps in the Atlantic Reference Guides to all mono and stereo titles, where a decent label shot could not be found. You may have them.

LJC, Congratulations on the amazing work you have done so far! During this process I am sure we will uncover some corrections. As you know it will take some time for me to photograph my collection. I was figuring I could also do both sides of the covers in the process if you would like to make a solely for covers. What would be the best way to send photos? I look forward to contributing!

I also noted cover variations. More slippery even is the question of inners which changed in the process red, violet, red again, green etc. I hope the infatiguable LJC finds the time to process the info you are going to supply. It seems that most of the series came in a wax paper sleeve before the arrival of the colored white print.

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I may have to open a few of the still sealed records I have in this collection to help reveal a bit more of that mystery…. But very often they are sold with matching inners. The wax paper for the earlier ones, up to at least. An elite collectorexcellent!

It is quite a task but if you are able to do the photography, I am happy, no delighted, to up the level of ambition on Atlantic. A free-standing promo section, and covers, sounds a great idea, do the label proud. What is needed is pictures square on, evenly-lit, sharp for readability tripod helps and at least 1, pixel wide or bigger.

Photos as described should be around 1 and 2mb file size. Any further questions, me at that addresss. Start off with just a few albums to get a feel for the workload. LJC, I have read and enjoyed your photo school. I really enjoyed learning how to get the dead wax info to stand out, I am anxious to master that technique. What wonderful information you are sharing with the world! If only your photo school was required reading for all ebay and discogs sellers; As a seasoned ebay vinyl distributor I feel good to know that my photos have always looked better than the competition.

However after reading your blog I am building a new photo booth to your specifications, revamping my light sources and taking a black and white to reveal the dead wax info. I have hit a small snag, my Cannon SLR suffered some internal sand from our last beach trip so until I get a new camera soon! In the mean time, I will start with one of the megapix point and shoot cameras that we have. They wont be the best although, I will be refining my technique and system for the arrival of the higher end camera.

I Atlantic record labels follow your ing system for the file names and send some test photos asap. Chat more soon! Definitely have one of Atlantic record labels with a similar label. Cheers Sam. New recordings fare a bit better. Earlier Atlantic I find very good — fresh and lively, later, not so good.

Some people, to their ear — on their system — with their personal history of comparators, — will tell you they are fine and they like them, which is all that matters. No one really knows what anyone else hears. Beginning aroundAllied Record Co. It should be noted that the grey-label variant 5 is from Britain, and to my knowledge never used in the U.