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Awesome lego cakes

We had to come up with a unique Lego birthday cake. My 6 year old daughter decided to do a Lego theme party so she could invite some boys to the party. After gathering ideas from this site we decided on doing small-ish bricks in a cupcake size.

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Planning a birthday party for your kid is sometimes more fun than being the party host at the actual event.

Lego movie magic

Planning a Lego birthday party is even more fun with the variety of Lego themes, such as Lego Star Wars movie, Lego characters, or making it an easy Lego bricks party. Plan the party fun based on a Lego Star Wars movie or make it an easy Lego bricks party. The right party supplies can transform your home into a Lego world within moments without spending a lot of money; some of it you can make yourself. We created a quick checklist of essential party items needed. Then we compiled a Lego party ideas collection list including DIY ideas, cake ideas, cupcake toppers, party games for kids, and ideas for party favors.

Organizing a birthday party can be challenging with all the bits and pieces required and not wanting to forget something important. We created a checklist of the necessary Lego party supplies and listed some exciting ideas to help you with the party planning of a LEGO themed birthday party. The DIY Lego block invitations are made from colored cards, and one-inch holes punched with a puncher.

By sticking the circles on a card with 3D foam tape, the circles are raised, making them look like 3D Lego bricks. The Lego party invitations consist of a pack of 10 invitations, and 10 thank you cards. The fun Lego invitations are 6 x 4 inches and decorated with colorful illustrations of building blocks.

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The goodie bags are 6 x 9. The invitations are printed on heavyweight g card stock paper with a matte finish. The bags are g. The Lilly and the Bee Novelties invitation pack consists of 12 building blocks invitations with 12 white envelopes.

Awesome lego birthday party ideas

The invitations are 6 x 4 inches. The one side of the invitation card has a large blue Lego brick image, and the invitation side has colorful blocks surrounding the invitation. Give it to your birthday boy or girl to build before placing it on the cake. Building an easy Lego cake may create more excitement for the birthday party. A small lever opens the top of the Lego cake, and out of the cake pops a half-Minifigure.

There are enough bricks for any birthdayand instructions are included. The pieces Lego set fits on standard-sized cakes and would make a great topper with Minifigures on a sheet cake. After the party, your kiddo can rebuild the cake and add it to their Lego collection. The mold is reusable. The red mold dimensions are 12 x 7. You can wash it in the dishwasher, use it in the microwave oven and fridge.

The mold can also be used for party favors, to make pudding, chocolates, candy melts, or frozen yogurt treats.

18 lego cakes for budding builders

Each Lego brick mold is 2. You may use the mold to make Lego brick cakes, brownies, jellies, Awesome lego cakes even soap. The silicone material is durable, non-stick, dishwasher-safe, and oven-proof up to degrees Fahrenheit.

The Lego Minifigure Series Party mystery bag contains one of the 17 characters in the party collection. You may purchase the Minifigures separately like the Birthday Cake Guy. A Lego birthday party cake needs candles like any birthday cake. The Building Block Candles come in a set of 8 candles, two of each color. The candles look like real Lego bricks and come in different shapes.

Use the picks on cupcakes or decorate other treats. The package includes 50 cupcake liners and 50 picks. The wrappers are sturdy and larger than the average-sized cupcake to accommodate different sized cupcakes. Simply cut the excess away.

If a Lego movie is the theme of the birthday party, fill the Fun Express Block Party Popcorn Boxes with popcorn or use it for snack boxes.

The cardboard boxes have Lego bricks block print are on two sides of the boxes. The popcorn boxes come in four colors. There are 24 boxes in a party supplies pack. The dimensions of the snack boxes are 3 x 3 x 3. With tableware representing Lego building blocks, the Lego theme is already represented.

20 incredibly cool diy lego cakes

The Deluxe Party Kit comes with a 54 x inch building block table cover and 16 sets of a 7-inch dessert plate, a 6. A birthday party is not a birthday party without balloons, and Lego birthday parties need Lego-themed balloons!

The balloons come in six bright colors with six different emoji faces printed in yellow on both sides of the balloons. The inch balloons are made of high-quality, long-lasting latex material. Use the balloon as birthday party supplies, decorations, for goodie bags, party favors, or let them float. Katiedid and Kids made Lego party lanterns from black, yellow, and white construction paper as decorations for the Lego party theme.

You will find the instructions on how to make these lanterns on the site. Add some Lego bricks to the soap dispenser, and you may have no problem with kids wanting to wash their hands. Start saving up empty tissue boxes to make decorative Lego bricks. Cover the tissue boxes with colored paper, punch holes at the top and place plastic cups in the holes for the Lego brick look.

The 5 x 6 feet vinyl mat is covered in Lego blocks. Depending on where the arrow stops, it indicates the Lego brick color and where to place the right foot, left foot, right hand, or left hand. The game is a fun activity for kids from 3 years old and older. Some reviewers suggested that kids play with socks to avoid damaging the mat. Other suggested taping it so that it does not slide. If you do not want to use it for an activity, the plastic mat makes a Awesome lego cakes LEGO birthday party tablecloth.

Instead of pinning the tail of the donkey, East Coast Mommy has a template to pin the Lego head on the Lego man. The templates include a printable Lego man he and hands, body, arms, and legs. Each child should have a LEGO head to pin. The website Coloring has a variety of coloring s representing Lego Minifigures, Lego Batman, and other heroes. Kids may color the s and then stick it on the wall as part of the birthday party decorations. Each printable color explains who the Minifigure is and what they do. The GearRoot Building Blocks Glasses Baseplate package contains 9 glasses baseplates and 9 small bags with building bricks accessories.

The building blocks are compatible with Lego and other building blocks, which means kids may add Minifigures and other building blocks to personalize their glasses.

The Gift Boutique Party Favor set is enough for 12 older kids or teenagers. The set consists of 12 pencils, 12 mini notep, and 12 larger and 12 smaller erasers. The erasers are stackable measuring 1. The mini notebooks contain blank s for drawings and doodling notes and measures 3. The Fun Express Slap Bracelets are the ideal party favors for girls and boys at a Lego-themed birthday party. The colorful, metal bracelets looking like Lego bricks easily slap on and off. Be mindful that it is not made from cloth, and you should avoid the bracelets from getting wet.

Sports enthusiasts and jewelry lovers may adore the Shop Zoombie party favor. The 36 package includes 12 paddle balls, 12 bracelets, and 12 rings. The shape of recycled baby food jars may look like the shape of a Lego Minifigures head. Spray paint the jars yellow and Awesome lego cakes with a black sharpie the face on the jar. The storage jar is a fun party favor that is functional too. Retha Groenewald is a professional writer working for Fractus Learning. When not working with Fractus, she is web copywriter for the Christian market.

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Lego Birthday Party Invitations The Lego party invitations consist of a pack of 10 invitations, and 10 thank you cards. Use the mold to make Lego crayons or candles for decorations or birthday party activities. Lego Soap and Hand Sanitizers Add some Lego bricks to the soap dispenser, and you may have no problem with kids wanting to wash their hands. Next Continue.

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