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Cheap date ideas in winter

When the temperatures start to dip, you and your sweetheart need some fun winter date ideas that suit the season.

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On a first date? Any of these are great — and take a sprig of mistletoe with you too if you want to guarantee a kiss.

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While some people may miss the great outdoors and exploring new places, you can still have a romantic time with your partner while staying indoors. Stumped on coming up with different, unique date ideas that are fresh and fun without being wildly expensive or dangerous for your health and Cheap date ideas in winter health of those around you?

If you get creative and think outside the box, the possibilities are endless. Or a brisk walk! Just remember to wear your masks, especially if you pass other people on the way. For a group date, compile your best trivia and invite all your loved-up pals to Zoom, since everyone is technically already in default teams. Set a theme and send a fitting recipe or two ahead of time or keep it simple.

Fire up the kiln or your oven and dive in with an at-home pottery class or simply purchase an air-dry clay kit and have fun crafting up bud vases and sculptures at home. Choose a new recipe or teach your partner a family classic. Either way, you end up with a sweet treat! If both of you adore spending time with your noses in a novel, why not bond over the same one? Pick a book you both will enjoy, read at the same pace, then pick an evening to share some snacks and your thoughts.

This date involves cheese, a trip to the grocery store, and a minimal amount of skill. Need I say more? Write up a handful of themes for a gift swap, such as a board game, something kitchen-inspired, and a joke gift. Then set a monetary limit and go wild online shopping for one another. See how well you know each other and award extra points for creativity.

Or art in general? Everyone needs some culture every now and then and you can still enjoy this type of entertainment thanks to the power of the internet. Up the relaxation vibe of a typical back rub by hosting a spa night at home. Whip out the Wii sitting in the cupboard or splurge on a new console and compete for the Mario Kart championship title. For bonus points, learn to make something neither of you can cook at all.

Couples who love working out can plan a fun routine together or even partake in an obstacle course-style challenge that you can both get into.

Cheap winter date ideas for

Turn your long run into a scavenger hunt by tasking one another to take photos of a list of items as you go — the person with the most snapshots wins. Get all the ingredients for your favorite cocktails or mocktails and build them together instead of going out. There are even plenty of online classes now for teaching you how to create artisanal beverages, with or without alcohol. Volunteering is a bonding experience, but it also benefits others which is even better — especially at a time when many people are in need.

In this day and age, there are still plenty of ways you can volunteer while keeping others safe, like dropping off groceries for those who are sheltering at home or volunteering with a crisis text line. Put away the laptops and phones and spend time getting to know each other without Netflix. Even better? So choose a weird one, get cozy, and spend the day trying to predict who wins.

Make an evening of planning out your dream trip.

Sit down in the morning with your coffee and write a list of 10 fun! This is a great way to test your couple culinary skills, too — order a cookbook centered on a cuisine you both love but may not be the most adept at making in the kitchen, as well as any other supplies you might need for a DIY cooking night.

50 winter date ideas for the cheap and broke

Does your partner usually go on a run in the mornings while you read? Try switching routines and then discussing it at the end of the day.

Dump out that cardboard box with every movie ticket stub you guys have ever kept and put them together in one space. If you get really into decorating the s, you might want to display it somewhere special. Pancakes are always date-worthy. Make an entire morning of it and create a mini brunch spread for the two of you or deem one evening a breakfast-for-dinner event. Forget thinking that making snowflakes and ornaments are for children.

This can be a fun activity for two people. Plus, your home can never have enough decorations. Sleeping outside is out of the question right now, so set up a tent or a sleeping bag and blankets indoors, turn on an outdoor sounds playlist, and enjoy the fun of camping sans the cold.

Want to learn how to dance in a more professional sense? There are plenty of studios offering lessons online now from salsa to merengue.

Turn off your phones, and amp up your competitive edge with a few two-player board games. Use this list or come up with your own ideas for a dozen or so date ideas for the rest of the year.

Schedule them now in your planners. It might actually help you and your partner stay close throughout the year. Mindful Living.

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Save Comments. We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. Credit: Lauren Kolyn. Go on a hike.

2. have an old-school movie night

Have an old-school movie night. Throw a quiz night.

Take a pottery class online. Visit a museum virtually. Credit: Marisa Vitale. Bake something. Start a mini book club. Have a Scrabble tournament.

May the best speller win. Play a game that brings you closer. Credit: Joe Lingeman. Make a cheese board. Host a hot chocolate competition. Grab a bunch of ingredients and see who can make the best hot chocolate.

Swap your groutfit for fancy attire. Set a themed gift swap. Try out a new art form. Go through old photo albums. Pull out the old photo albums and laugh with your partner about way back when.

46 fun, unique, and affordable winter date ideas

Buy tickets to an online play or ballet. Take a yoga class together online. Nothing says romance like excessive sweating and flexibility from the comfort of your home. Give each other a massage. Play video games or computer games. Take a virtual cooking class. Make pasta from scratch.