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Christian worship songs 2014

Top Christian Hits Of We Believe.

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What an incredible year for worship music!! I have combed and sifted through many, many worship songs and worship albums with the intention and hope of resourcing my worship-leading friends… With churches and individuals churning out song after song after song, it can be an overwhelming task to listen to anything new at all, much less narrow down what may be appropriate for your church. Well, I sincerely pray that this list helps you. Below are the top 20 worship albums ofand the few standout songs from each album, including any key fast songs.

Top worship songs from

I hope this takes some of the grunt work out of your search, and that you enjoy this list! I only listed albums that I felt included songs fit for congregational worship. The albums below were released between January and the time I am compiling this post.

This is going to be a great one for your church! Such a beaut.

Looking for something?

And what a prayer for all of us… may Jesus be seen in every facet of our lives. This is her first foray into the world with a solo recording, but you would think she was a seasoned vet with her crooning vocals and deep messages. As a largely unplugged album, listening to this is almost like eavesdropping on a romantic back-and-forth between Gretzinger and her first Love. We can trust God wholeheartedly because He does have a steady heart that keeps on going and a steady grace that keeps forgiving. Key Fast Song: What fast song?

Gretzinger specializes in poignant, almost romantic, songs of faith and uncompromising trust… in a slower tempo. What a gorgeous and simple song! I cannot get enough of this. Busy, busy! The reason I favored the other one, Only King Foreverbetter was because this one sounds strikingly similar to it. The lyrics, though — oh, my!! Thank you for such fantastic material, Elevation. Give it a listen!

Top 25 gospel songs edition from maranatha! music, see list here

Even so, there are a few songs that can work in your church. I love this song muchly! As a matter of fact, it happens to be the song playing in the background right now whilst I am writing this. I say yes, Lord. The melody is such that it causes a drive in your spirit! Smith is such a blessing to the greater Church of God. Committed to staying relevant and committed to the greatest message of all, Back to the Start is thoroughly lovely.

Best contemporary worship songs of

Why did I phrase that sentence like that? Good grief. Anyway, some could argue that the biblical book Song of Solomon ought not to be taken as an allegory between Christ and the Bride — as I was taught in Bible college many moons ago — and, to be honest, I can understand why. On the other hand, every word of this song also happens to be backed by other biblical truths. At any rate, this song will not work in all congregational contexts: you must know your church before you try to pull this one off. But if you can, you should try! Total package group — and worship pastor Derric Bonnot is such a sharp dresser to boot.

This is one that we do at CityReach Johnstownand it just works. In fact, I reviewed a completely different album of theirs earlier this year. To be honest — and I am pleased to honestly say this — this album does stand out as different! Planetshakers is getting braver and braver, and really tapping into an openly Pentecostal vein, which I personally love.

Also noteworthy is worship leader Sam Evans, a faithful alto, drifts up to some pretty high notes here! One thing I appreciate about Michael W is that his sound is ever-changing to remain relevant, while the content is — of course — sacred and timeless. Check this one out!

Matt Redman! This stunning love song admits that we will never value another, never exalt another as highly as our precious Lord, our dear Savior, Jesus. Very guitar-driven with heavy drums, this song is one that could very well work in your church. Perhaps due to its feminine influence which is in no way a bad thing, but actually quite refreshing! Well, I am, I guess. This live version is bliss.

I love the intimacy of this song.

What can I give to You? What kind of song would You like me to sing? Simply be with Me, and let those things go. They can wait another minute. Thank you, David Crowder, for this important combination! A powerful song of surrender. Go ahead and get on the bandwagon with this one; your church will thank you later. Stellar all around.

Such a songster with a heart for corporate worship! What a beautiful song and beautiful imagery!

Top 20 worship songs of , so far

How amazing is the unshakable, steadfast love of our Savior! These songs will trigger some nice worship moments for the scarf-clad, skinny-jeans-wearing twenty-somethings in your church. A great song of adoration of the Savior. Some fast songs sacrifice a rich message for a fun melody, but this one has both!

And grab tissues. It would seem that with each release, the creative collective from Elevation gets stronger and stronger. Do yourself a favor and check this out! Every direction, we are covered by grace! Paul Baloche is basically the Dad of worship music.

Seriously, what pours out of him is absolute gold. One quick listen to this live record and you can easily sense his pastoral heart.

Thank you, Mr. Every up-tempo song is such a winner! I am a big fan of Vertical Church Band because their worship offerings are beautiful and meaningful — and more so, their collective hearts always shine through.

Yet another fabulous song to add to the arsenal of songs that sing thankfulness over the work of Christ on the cross. And of course, she is anointed to do what she does. Majestic also features an effective approach to the Trinity in worship: some songs are God the Father-oriented, some are God the Son-oriented, and some are God the Holy Spirit-oriented. Like fine wine, the creativity and lyrical brilliance just gets stronger with time. The songs are clearly well thought-out and are undoubtedly giving voice to believers the world over.

What great teachers songs can be! Perhaps even more surprising is that you hardly notice. But not so with this song! There is nothing we want more. Such a winner! What songs did I leave out? What has worked especially well in your churches this year? Leave a comment and let me know! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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