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Dating a man raised by a single mother

Without these things, we think, men are irrevocably screwed. But do these assumptions still hold water?

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While society's commitment to promoting equality for all parents is only getting stronger, social perceptions of single moms and single d still vary greatly. Let's investigate the disparities and pinpoint how we can do better to support all solo parents. We know all too well that while raising in a two-parent household is tough, raising solo is a whole different ballgame. And it's one that more and more parents are having to take on. In the United States, the most recent census data found that while most sole-parent families with kids under 18 are overseen by a mother 8.

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Ladies, take out your notebooks.

You want to find a truly amazing partner? A dude who will rarely let you down? Marry a man who was raised by a single mom.

Pundits like to decry single-parent families as the downfall of our civilization. Many studies have focused on the difficulties children raised in single-family homes face including school troubles, substance abuse and divorce later in lifealthough many of these studies fail to control for the lower socioeconomic status of the children involved.

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Rarely mentioned? Despite all their hardships, single-parent families can also produce strong, solid and immensely marry-able men. What more could you want in a husband-to-be? Manhattan psychologist Dr. My own terribly unscientific theory is that these men had a lot of practice taking care of themselves and taking care of women — or at least being on the same team as the women in their lives. They respect women.

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These single-mom-guys spent years working as a team with their mothers, which is phenomenal practice for the cooperation and compromises required in romantic partnerships. They were probably loading the dishwasher and folding the laundry before they were riding big-boy bikes. They understand the intrinsic rewards of a job well done. They can fix things.

Why you should marry men raised by single moms

But one of the advantages at least for the women they date! These guys grew up in families that, by necessity, required them to pull their own weight. Without the luxury of two parents double checking that lunches were packed and homework was complete, they learned to take their own responsibilities seriously. The last thing in the world they want is to let you down. Have you dated or married a man raised by a single mom?

Tell us about it in the comment section below. Carrie is an alum of the Groundlings Comedy Theatre, where she performs, teaches and habitually abuses her position of authority.

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How have men changed after generations of being raised by single mothers?

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