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Since the pandemic started, Zoom meetings, workdays balanced with childcare, and virtual office happy hours have us stretched to capacity when it comes to not just our professional obligations, but the amount of energy we have to invest in our other relationships and ourselves. But this is why dating sites and apps were invented: to make finding matches and exploring connections easier by allowing us to date on our own schedule — and to winnow down potential connections by messaging them for a bit of conversation before you spend a whole evening on a date with them.

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Renee really made me look at my inner-self, what qualities I truly want in a life partner and who I wanted to become to attract such a person. I have never been happier in a relationship. I am with the love of my life and my best friend. Together, we have a beautiful baby girl.

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The conference encourages experimental formats.

This person is the exquisite corpse gone wrong, a biologically impossible remix of different ages, races, genders, sizes, and abilities. This is my less than subtle way of suggesting that the ideal partner we fantasize about is usually an absurd abstraction. People love to get up in arms about online dating, as if it were so terribly different from conventional dating—and yet a first date is still a first date, whether we first encountered that stranger online, through friends, or in line at the supermarket.

Unlike your friends or the places you end up standing in line, online-dating sites provide vast quantities of single people all at once—and then incentivize you to make plans with as many of them as possible.

Focusing on the ease of enacting online falsehoods merely deflects attention from the ways we try to mislead each other in everyday life. We are all broadcasting identity information all the time, often in ways we cannot see or control—our class background especially, as Pierre Bourdieu made clear in Distinction.

And we all judge potential partners on the basis of such information, whether it is spelled out in an online profile or displayed through interaction.

Online dating may make more overt the ways we judge and compare potential future lovers, but ultimately, this is the same judging and comparing we do in the course of conventional dating. Online dating merely enables us to make judgments more quickly and about more people before we choose one or several.

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As Emily Witt pointed out in the October London Review of Booksthe only thing unique about online dating is that it speeds up the rate of essentially chance encounters a single person can have with other single people. And yes, online dating is like shopping—but offline dating is also like shopping. Alternatively, sociologist Viviana Zelizer argues in The Purchase of Intimacy that intimacy and economics have never been so separate in the first place. If dating whether online or conventional is like shopping, we should not feign surprise. Nor did the rise of online dating precede the chorus of self-styled experts who bemoan the shopping mentality among singles.

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An undesirable behavior likened to shopping and attributed to women? Ye gods, I am shocked. After all, there are two ways to solve the problem of an unhappy single: supply or demand. Reducing human beings to mere products for consumption both corrupts love and diminishes our humanity, or something like that. No, far better that people meet each other offline—where everyone is a Mystery Flavor DumDum of potential romantic bliss, and no one wears her ingredients on her sleeve.

The U. Wait, what? Has either of them actually tried online dating? Compatibility—who wants that?

And if you expect an equal partnership or even just a pleasant night out, compatibility will be to your advantage. Both men and women can afford to be picky while clicking though a bottomless pit of profiles, but Ludlow openly pines for a period when heterosexual partnerships were anything but equal. Not having to argue about everything, for one. Before, the shopping mentality was seen as preventing people from being happy: If only frustrated singles would abandon their checklists and learn to want the partners who are available, they could have the partners they really want.

Of course no one will want to stop playing.

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Unbonded women, the carcinogenic free radicals of society! I have an alternate hypothesis, however: that the rationalization and gamification of online dating are not reflections of how fun and easy dating is but rather tacit acknowledgements of how difficult and not fun dating is. Online dating sites make money when you use them, obviously. By making the process of encountering other single people easier than it is conventionally rationalizationand by incentivizing you both to keep providing more information and to keep contacting more people gamificaton.

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Certainly, yes: There are people who view dating as a fun hobby, as not a means to an end but a purpose in and of itself. I am emphatically not one of those people. Yet I too had my stint with online dating. But online dating is weird because dating in general is weirdregardless of how on- or offline it is.

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A date is always an audition for a part based on profile attributes. And the mix of meanings in the word dating contributes to the confusion. This dating I can understand. Dating as verb, however—the process of auditioning strangers or near-strangers for the position of future lover—still confounds me. It had everything to do with a good friend—who was also an ex—who called me up one freezing winter evening to demand that I some website called OkCupid. I want a ! Answering dumb questions was something to do when all my online conversations were waiting for responses.

Then spring came, and I forgot about it.

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I went back to OkCupid years later, when graduate school found me three time zones away from the expansive, diversified social network that had kept me in friends, lovers, and everything in between for a whole decade. In the depths of restless post-breakup depression and rainy-season sunlight withdrawal, I decided to try online dating. Perhaps they might prefer instead to date random, disconnected me instead.

I took up online dating in earnest, as a second full-time job. Soon it became one each for Thursday and Friday, and two each for Saturday and Sunday. Yet at no point did I feel like a kid in a candy store.

My two-month experiment in online dating ended when I met a whole group of friends through a friend of a friend, and started hanging out with them on weekends instead. I lost track of how many individual humans met me for coffee, dinner, or drinks, but during my Great Online Dating Adventure, I was inspired to see all of two people a second time.

The first opened with misogynist jokes, then patronized me for not finding them funny.

I went on no third dates. Online dating gave me something to do with my restless, alienated ennui—and it had certainly generated a wealth of fodder for sociological analysis. I discovered that I can make two hours of conversation with pretty much anyone much to my surprise.

I met my high school boyfriend because we both worked on the high school newspaper; I met my first college boyfriend because we lived across the hall from each other in the same college dorm. No matter whom I chose, everyone was somehow connected. This was my normal: Attraction that flourished quietly in nonsexual contexts, and friends who later became lovers.

Ambiguous and indeterminate contexts leave room to negotiate and to save face. Over time, one learns that familiar gestures code differently between strangers than they do between friends. Game over; go home. In the event of overwhelming mutual attraction, perhaps the implicit agenda of a date is exciting. Whether attraction should be something that needs to be determined, rather than experienced obviously, is a whole different issue.

Perfection in a partner is something we grow into, something we create together over time—not something we can spot in a profile, and not something we can recognize over the first drink.