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Deep tissue massage fort myers

The masseuse for some reason always dressed in white did their work in silence, and was often rudely waved away when the wealthy client was done, had a meeting to get to, or other important affairs on their agenda. Massage is primarily associated with stress relief and relaxation.

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Your true vacation starts here. Whether you are looking for more relaxing massage or a more therapeutic massageour highly trained massage therapists provide five star massage therapy at a price that you can afford. If you are vacationing in Fort Myers, there is no better way to get your vacation started than with a relaxing Swedish Massage. D eep Tissue Massagehowever, may be what you need after swimming, kayaking, or engaging in any of the other physically strenuous outdoor activities that Fort Myers, FL has to offer. Whatever type of massage you decide upon, rest assured you are in good hands!

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We have moved! Be sure to check new address below! For Health and Wellness. For Mind and Body Stress Management. For Your Well-Deserved Pampering.

Watch this quick video on how you may benefit from our deep tissue massage …

Our most popular service! Your Therapist will discuss with you any acute concerns you may have and develop a customized session based on your needs incorporating a variety of therapeutic techniques and isolated deeper pressure on problem areas. Recommended for those seeking Therapeutic .

The Trigger Point Therapy technique targets localized and referred areas of pain using specific patterns and cycles of isolated, maintained pressure and release. Trigger Point Therapy, also known as Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, can help provide pain relief for radiated pain in areas distant from the point of applied pressure itself.

Deep tissue massage in and near fort myers, fl

Myofascial release pursues the same goal but focuses more on the tissues surrounding the muscle fibers myofascia. Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch modality that focuses on the membranes and movement of the fluids of the Central Nervous System.

A relieved nervous system allows for a feeling of well being and supports immunity health. Extremely firm pressure is delivered using slow, deliberate stokes over the entire body. Your Therapist distributes their body weight to their thumbs, fingertips, knuckles, forearms and even elbows to deliver maximum effect. Recommended for clients familiar with Massage Therapy and its effects and for those suffering from chronic muscle pain and "knots".

Russian Sports Massage incorporates several vigorous techniques like cross fiber friction and vibration deed to combat stiffness and muscle pain. The techniques used start slow with a light touch then gradually increase in pace and pressure. This 90 minute service includes full body for 60 minutes and 30 minutes of stretching. This service is a gentle, light touch massage that uses movements and techniques deed to mimic and stimulate the action of the Lymphatic System. A properly functioning Lymphatic System reduces edema swellingstimulates the Immune System and moves stagnant tissue fluid out of the tissue and towards the body's filtration organs.

Welcome to massage fort myers

Swedish techniques are incorporated throughout. This is not a Medical LDM service. This 30 minute massage service focuses on a specific area in which you may be experiencing pain or discomfort. Improve your flexibility, range of motion and ease of movement with this 30 minute therapeutic service! This 30 minute massage service is deed to provide immediate pain relief to those who suffer from Migraines.

Hot or cold compresses are incorporated to your preference.

The peak of therapeutic massage

If you are experiencing an active Migraine at the time of your appointment, please be safe getting to us. A relaxing, light pressure massage.

Recommended for general stress relief and first time Massage Therapy recipients. A Summit creation, The Zenith is a relaxing, Traditional Swedish Massage with three of our indulgent add-on's included. Kinesiotaping can provide pain relief from a wide range of ailments including but not limited to Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, Muscle Pain, Bruising and Swelling.

What is deep tissue massage?

KT tape works in part by lifting and separating the dermis from the affected somatic tissue allowing for freer flow of blood and lymph. A delightful, warm treatment using heated stones to rub away tension. Bamboo is warmed to a soothing temperature and used as a tool to relax and loosen tense muscles. To preserve the Bamboo, oil, not lotion is used for this service.

This 60 minute massage service is for our expectant Mothers! The side-lying technique is used with fluffy body pillows for support and comfort while your Therapist works to alleviate the unique effects of pregnancy. We ask, please, that you be past your first trimester to receive Massage.

Add this luscious scrub to any service for added indulgence! Cedarwood and Sage oils have been used since Egyptian times to help with purifying, calmingrestoring and revitalizing.

Deep tissue massage in fort myers, fl

Choose from our Essential Oils to create a personalized, aromatic experience for your service. This relaxing and exfoliating add-on is highly effective in stimulating the Lymphatic System. It is important to keep your Lymph System clear and flowing properly. Add this service and stay healthy!

These Marine Collagen p are placed under the eye and act to reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. Choose from any of our masks and pamper your face along with your body! We require 24 hours' notice for cancellations. Powered by GoDaddy.

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Relaxation Massage. Specialty Services. Scrubs and Wraps Temporarily Suspended. Spa Style add-ons. Collagen "Crystal" Eye Masks.

Deep tissue massage

Facial Sheet Masks. Drop us a line!