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Disney for singles

Typically when people are considering taking a vacation to a Disney theme parkthey automatically think it's a destination for kids so they aren't sure that it's the best place to visit if they're traveling as a solo adult.

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As a single woman, I know how intimidating it can be to travel by yourself. I always dreamed of one day traveling to Europe with my husband once my daughters were all grown and on their own. I have been to both Disney World and Disneyland on my own, and not once have I ever felt unsafe. I'm focusing on the Disney theme parks here but all of the below information is also true of the Universal Orlando theme parks and resorts. I'll talk about my recent solo Disney Cruise to Alaska in a future article. I haven't done an Adventures by Disney trip to Europe yet but it is on my bucket list!

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I understand how you feel because I was once that person. Before my first time of going to Disney World alone, I was afraid of sitting next to a stranger on a ride or eating at a Disney restaurant alone. Which means if you click on certain links, I may receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. I recommend scheduling a tour on one of the first few days of your trip.

This is a good way to break the ice on your solo theme park vacation and you never know what adventures may happen afterwards. Because this way of travel can be intimidating to Disney fans, I recommend easing into solo travel.

For example, try getting to one of the parks ahead of your group. If you guys plan to meet up at the Magic Kingdom around 10 a. You can be there for rope drop, plus you can knock out a few rides before meeting back up with your family. This may just convince you to try a whole day of Disney on your own. The idea of going to Disney alone may already be too stressful for you, so I highly suggest planning out your days ahead of time.

11 best disney world solo tips for beginners (best places to travel alone)

This will decrease the anxiety of doing Disney World by yourself. To help you, grab your FREE solo guide below where I walk you step-by-step to planning your first solo Disney World vacation confidently and with a plan through a series of simple s!

Save the Disney World adult solo itinerary cheat sheet to your phone! You will thank me for this because your Disney World solo vacation will go smoother.

If you have a must do Disney bucket list itemthen this is your chance to do it! This is your time to have many YOLO moments on your solo trip!

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Walt Disney World is the top tourist destinations Disney for singles the world. This is an advantage for you, because you will never have to think of what to do. Please stay up-to-date on this blog for more information to come. Dinner shows, VIP tours, and special events are just a few experiences to make a solo Disney vacation spectacular. The popular restaurants and annual events book up rapidly. What I mean by this is to make it a day of doing every theatrical show at the Magic Kingdom or even a day of trying a dish in each country at Epcot World Showcase.

Sometimes I plan a day full of water rides and some days are just a day of character meet and greets. Every type of themed day can be found inside the Walt Disney World Resort. Ready to plan your theme park trip? Watch the best vacation planning tips on YouTube.

Get started here! This is not the best way to get comfortable with socializing with people on your solo trip. You will at least have some interaction with the owners. I highly recommend choosing a lively hotel. Staying at a hip hotel with an active bar area, such as the Swan and Dolphin Hotelmakes it easy to meet new people.

Disney theme parks - great choice for women solo travelers

This can be done by stepping away for an hour to hang out at the bar or inside the hotel lobby. Many of the onsite resorts and hotels have hip lounges with staff bringing the theme park magic right in the bar. So, make good use of the lobby, common room or lounge area of the resort. Try to engage with people while in the common areas and avoid looking down on your phone. Eventually there will be an opportunity to start a conversation. Try not to be shy.

I know it can be intimidating to introduce yourself to people. Get familiar with your social media community. There are lots of Facebook groups dedicated to Disney enthusiasts. These groups usually have people in it who frequently travel to Disney parks solo. Your Instagram community is another place to get to know others online.

How do you do disney world solo?

Groups found on Facebook is a great way to find other Disney World singles. There are multiple groups within the site for adults who love going to the parks alone. I have personally used online groups throughout the years and have met some of my best friends on there. Disney Cast Members enjoy chatting with theme park goers.

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Be sure to mention your solo journey to park staff. You never know what you may receive. Get as many selfies as you can of your newly created Disney memories. You can also take advantage of the PhotoPass system at Disney, where Cast Members will take photos for you that can later be retrieved digitally on your computer or your phone.

Visiting the walt disney world resort as a solo adult

I know people who go alone just to do character photos. Character lines can be long and are considered as important as an actual attraction. You can watch Belle and all of her magical friends perform on stage at Hollywood Studios without anyone mocking you about your choice in entertainment. Traveling solo to Walt Disney World makes me happy, which makes me more comfortable introducing myself to others. When you arrive at Walt Disney World you are home.

The cast members, the characters, the Disney guests are all your family. Ready to start planning your next Disney World vacation? Listen to the latest podcast episode on Apple or on your non-Apple device now! Traveling solo to Disney brings me joy.

It is my Theme Park Therapy and I want it to become yours. We want to hear about your Disney World solo trip report in the comments below.

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Download your Disney one-day game plan itinerary by clicking image! Animal Kingdom Kali River Rapids.

Dolphin Hotel Lobby. New friendships formed from online groups. Disney Solo.

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