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Do you love to playfully banter intellectually

Humor builds rapport, and finding things that we both find funny is way of finding commonality. Humor helps us have fun, and we appreciate people who have the ability to bring the fun.

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The ability to banter is one of the most underrated skills to build relationships with others. Having the ability to challenge people in a fun and playful way allows you to develop certain personal characteristics that people really respond to.

If you are somebody that has struggled with building stronger relationships with people, banter can help you in a of ways. This article shows you how building up your bantering chops can impact your life. Banter Defined : What is Banter?

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Banter is playfully challenging something that someone said, did, is, or believes. Bantering is the perfect way to start flirting…It displays dominance, wit, and the ability to not be phased by a challengeall of which are characteristics women find attractive. This is because of the way men and women are wired by evolution in order to survive and replicate. Women are attracted to the traits I mentioned above in bold.

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Banter is a great way to hit a of characteristics that women find irresistible in fun and playful way. Here are some examples you can use at a bar:.

Note : Remember, these lines should be delivered playfully with complete confidence. Trust me, you will be thankful you built up your bantering skills when you start getting more ! Studies show that people are drawn to those who are confident. In fact, a study from the University of Sussex found that people are more likely to believe what you say and agree with your opinions if you are a confident person. Countless other studies show that people are drawn to and are more attracted to confident people, as well as perceive them to be smarter even when they are not.

Bantering allows you to put your confidence on display in a way that is fun and captivating. The act of challenging others, as well as how you react to challenges, demonstrates to those around that you are a confident person.

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Usually everyone involved the bantering appears confident, although sometimes some appear more confident than others. The takeaway is to banter as much as an opportunity presents itself. Eventually, the more you banter, the more confident you will become at it, and the more confident you will actually become as a person. It helps you develop as a person, and is a skill that can change your life. Having the ability to think on your feet is a must.

Frequently Bantering with friends and coworkers works out your inner wit muscles and strengthens them. People really respond to, and are attracted towards, people that come up with clever things in the moment. It is a symbol of intelligence…and other than that, it just makes people laugh and have fun.

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I recently posted an article that talked about how to practice thinking on your feet using improv exercises. Here is a link to that article. Awkward situations are inevitable, they happen to everyone…and sometimes it feels like at the worst time. Although you may dread awkward situations now, they can actually be turned into opportunities to make them into a good joke or fun moment using banter. Anyway he was excited to go the next bar and was way ahead of us leading the way — like a champ! He had to stop at a crosswalk and a car came by and ran over a puddle…which just completely soaked him.

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As if the driver could hear me, cared, or ran over the puddle on purpose. Either way everyone went from feeling awkward to laughing, which was the whole point. Some friends and I were at a baseball game and my friend and his wife were talking about a small party they were throwing for a UFC fight. She was asking him who was all coming, and he started listing names…and she started counting. He pointed out they have plenty of room and plenty of seating, but she was still concerned. There was a lull, and all of a sudden I acted like I just noticed what they were talking about. For a split second she looked shocked, and then immediately she and my other friends started laughing.

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Whenever awkward tension is built up, a joke that clears the air is almost always so much funnier than if there was no awkward tension to begin with. And those two immediately stopped arguing about it…at least in front of us. Being able to shift the dynamic of a situation is an invaluable skill to learn. Using banter to defuse a situations is an elegant and clever way that will gain you points from most everyone in the group.

Small talk will only get you so far in any relationship. Friendships and romantic relationships are built on deeper conversations and joking between friends.

Allows you to display & improve your confidence

Banter is the perfect tool for the latter. Bantering with your existing friends is a given, but what about bantering with people you only recently met? People are great at picking up non-verbal language i. People can tell if you are joking or if your intent is to offend them.

Gives you a seamless transition into flirting

Just make sure your intentions come out in the words you say and all should go well. It will bring you and your friends closer together by busting each other in a fun way. If you are the one that initiates the banter, it gives you a position of power in a way, which makes it easier to loosen up and be yourself.

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Even when they banter back, the fact that you started it gives you a little confidence boost because you have already imprinted in there mind the image that you are a confident person that busts on people and likes to have fun. Bantering is great to change this and lighten the mood. Bantering can also be a nice trick to bring up the elephant in the room…as long as done tastefully. Anyway everyone noticed his mispronunciation and no one said anything for a couple of seconds but could feel that he was a little embarrassed.

Stop sexualizing playfulness

I agreed though, one show with acrobats flying through the air was probably enough for me too. Now this has to be done tastefully. I hope this inspired you to think about banter as a skill and try and improve on it! For starters check out my other articles and start implementing the ideas in your everyday life!

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For more information, check out my other articles on the right hand column or at the top menu bar. I am a sacred flower! Hey when you were in the bathroom someone took the money out of your purse, but he said he knew you and it was totally cool.

You just want me for my body, eyes up here missy! Display Your Confidence Bantering allows you to put your confidence on display in a way that is fun and captivating. Baseball Game Example Some friends and I were at a baseball game and my friend and his wife were talking about a small party they were throwing for a UFC fight. Builds Deeper Report Small talk will only get you so far in any relationship.