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Does an affair ever work out

Can you ever fully trust somebody you know is capable of having an affair, even if it was with you? That said, a couple lacking history and strong ties such as children are much more likely to go their separate ways.

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This website is owned and operated by BetterHelp, who receives all fees associated with the platform. Generations ago, is was easier to keep an affair secret because the accessibility of spreading the word to the world through the internet was absent. Plus, things were simply different back then; it was common for society to turn their he and look the other way at the first whiff of infidelity. It was kept hush-hush and swept under the rug.

But with the advance of social media and technology, along with a more liberal view on infidelity, affairs, whether under the scrutiny of the Hollywood spotlight and corresponding gossip magazines, or within the homes on the white picket-lined fences on Main Street, USA, have been brought to the forefront.

There are even websites today based entirely on finding people to have an affair with! But the types of affairs we see on the front covers of magazines at the checkout stand are the full-blown physical affairs. Even within our inner circles of friends and family, we hear about co-workers sneaking out for a private rendezvous, or the two married people secretly taking a weekend trip to a mountain resort for skiing and more; again, based on the all too common physical variety.

The 9 truths about lifelong extramarital affairs

But there are other forms of affairs, and underlying reasons and motives for those affairs. Here are different types of affairs-physical and non-physical:. It should be noted that these statistics deal with marriage infidelity, so the likelihood of affairs happening between non-married couples who don't have a marriage or children at stake would more likely hover around the higher end of the percentage spectrum.

Let's pose a question: Would you gamble all the money you had at the risk of losing it all? Would you gamble away all your money with a very small chance of winning?

Yes, the temporary 'high" would sure feel good for a while. You might feel more alive than you had in years.

It's the same with affairs. You're gambling away your relationship, your marriage, and possibly a future with your spouse and children-all in return for a temporary "high". First, affairs rarely last. From a one night stand after drinking too much at the bar or on a business trip to Miami, to a "long-term" affair which may, at the most, last anywhere from six months to two years, the only thing that affairs bring to the table is heartache, destruction, lack of trust, and trauma.

Yes, in rare cases some affairs last a lifetime. But even those rare cases are relationships that are built off of an affair. That's no way to start off on a relationship. Plus, the chances of one of those people having an affair on someone else is just as great, if not greater.

You've never been so happy so you think. The person of your dreams has shown up out of nowhere and has swept you off your feet. They're perfect so you thinkand you can already see you both growing old and gray together.

Do affairs ever work? why you might be wasting your time

Well, those are delusions; and moreover, the very structure and foundation of the relationship, which is based off of the affair, is all one big lie. Here are some falsehoods:. They're like no one else you've ever met. Not even your spouse. They "get" you, and you spend deep and meaningful conversations well into the early morning hours. The conversation flows so easily, and you always say the perfect things to each other.

This is an illusion. The "rush" and "euphoria" you're feeling is a rush all right-a rush of chemicals saturating your brain with good feelings.

When the brain is flooded with dopaminethe feel-good brain chemical, people feel various degrees of well-being, from contentment to euphoria. High dopamine levels may be related to the "high" people experience early in a love affair. People in love also tend to notice less need for sleep and have extra energy.

Some scientists think it's no coincidence that these are also common effects of amphetamines and cocaine, which alter the mind mainly by raising dopamine levels. But such a thing never lasts because once those chemicals wear off, you'll look yourself in the mirror and find yourself right back where you started. The very things that you are feeling-emotional connection, sex, "love", empathy-are all the things you are more likely lacking in your life.

And instead of searching for why those things are craving for attention, you're seeking them in the arms of someone else.

Having an affair? how’s that working out for you?

Of course you're probably having great sex, and there are good reasons for it. It's the thrill of doing something naughty and wrong. It's taboo and that makes it exciting. The mere fact that you know you could get caught can increase sexual feelings. When people are in the moment of heightened sexual intimacy, all judgment and rationality tend to be thrown out the window.

Add to that a lowered inhibition, and fireworks are abound. But in reality, sex based on an affair is short-lived and fleeting, and it will most likely fizzle out before long.

Think back to the honeymoon stage with your spouse or partner and you probably had the same heightened intimacy then as well. Sex based on love and respect is far better; not through an affair. Everyone entering an affair never thinks they're going to get caught. Otherwise, why would they even entertain the idea? By this point, the infatuation of the other person and the thrill of something that feels new and exciting has all but vanquished common sense and reality.

Can an affair work out?

The idea of getting caught is skewed as dopamine is coursing through your veins. Chances are you will most definitely get caught at some point. And the more times you act upon your impulses, the greater the chance someone will find out. Of course that's what the knight in shining armor wants you to believe because he's got motive-you!

He'll throw all the sweet and comforting lines to you, bring a nice big bouquet of flowers, and make sure he always opens the car door-and the hotel door-for you. Men, she'll tell you all the encouraging things you want to hear.

Why happy people cheat

She'll emotionally lift you up and make you feel like a king. You'll always be each other's priority, so they'll say.

But the podium you're standing on will surely crumble before long. He may go back to his wife or she may return to her boyfriend. You may be the priority for a short while in the midst of the infatuation, but it's really just a sad lie. The bottom line is that affairs never turn out well. They are destructive to the very core and foundation of a relationship and the love and trust between two people, not to mention the havoc and generational damage it can cause on children. So, do affairs ever work?

Do affairs ever work?

I guess one could argue that if the definition of "work" means you're both still together for the rest of your lives, then technically, yes. It worked for you and your lover, but not for the other parties who were sacrificed and negatively affected. In essence, no, it didn't work. And are you wasting your time? There's nothing good that will ever come out of infidelity. It's not meant to be good, and it's not deed to be good. Having an affair usually emerges out of a long, slow decline in a relationship where one or both of the parties are seeking a void to be filled.

It's possibly an emotional need which is not being filled by the other partner.

Can an affair ever become a healthy relationship?

Seeking professional help to figure out why you're acting out with an affair is a positive step toward healing both you and your relationship with your partner. Please know that you are not alone. At ReGain, there are caring and understanding professional counselors who will guide you through this time in your life. Once the betrayed spouse finds out, the affair loses a lot of its appeal. So, affairs usually fizzle out after the affair find the light of day. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, one of the easiest ways to get that affair to end is to expose it.

If you think that your spouse is having an affair, you should ask them openly and try to bring the truth out so that you can work together with marriage people to move forward. This is especially true of affairs that are based entirely, or almost entirely, on the sexual aspect of the relationship. While there are cases of affairs that work out and lead to a beautiful and thriving marriage, this is definitely the exception and not the rule. Even those affairs that seem to be going really well often end in a breakup.

An affair can last anywhere from one night to several years.