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The hospital is full of people who bleed caffeine while fully clothed in white. These people will also instantly make you fall in love with how they perfectly manage their multi-colored highlighters and thick humungous books that sometimes serve as their pillows.

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This is Wally Backman, from the documentary "Playing for Peanuts.

Failblog dating

In the end he threw 22 bats and a bucket of balls onto the field. Now she is one okay boomer. This bad lady will set you back over a grand, but it's worth it for, uh, whatever you get out of it. Nursing training, right. If there were any more funny amazon reviews for this realistic geriatric nursing dollwe'd have found them. This rude startup company has take it upon themselves to de toilets intentionally tilted to such an angle, that workers won't want to sit on the toilet for longer than five minutes.

Apparently nothing is sacred after all. Is it really any surprise that companies might want to aggressively attack those areas of productivity in the workforce, that they see as coming up short? Unfortunately, no, it's not. We feel dumb admitting this, but we've definitely had this question too.

Turns out there's a few reasons people don't frequently die in nuclear explosions every time someone tries to prepare a salad. For another interesting thing regarding the physics of nuclear explosions, here's the time tumblr uncovered the legend of the fastest manhole cover ever. This waitress managed to get back at her mean boss lady in quite the satisfying way. The saying "kill em with kindness" has never rang more true. In this case, the mean boss lady won't give the waitress her birthday off from work.

So, after doing something totally normal like working on trading shifts around she managed to piss off the boss so much that she gets called out for being rude. From there, she decides to quit at the end of the season, but commits herself to being nice as possible to everyone around her.

She ends up winning over the hearts of all her co-workers, so much that they quit with her!

Everyone's lives would be massively improved if they had an animal in their life that cared about them as much as this dog! Apparently "kick me" s are out and there's a new thing to put on someone's back before they absent-mindedly walk through a live news report.

We're back at it again with a fresh and fiery collection of rare insults that are as creative as they are brutal. These people didn't pull any punches at all when it came to utterly destroying other folks online. Sometimes people just put those words together in such a way, that the only outcome for the person on the other end of it is complete destruction. Someone on AskReddit asked for people to share the most savage things they've heard teachers say to students.

We're not sure whether the savagery comes from teachers just being fed up with all the stresses of grading papers and keeping students in line, or what. All we know is these rare insults from teachers deserve some high marks.

This reminds us of the time a guy ended up getting saved from his psycho ex-girlfriend by a Domino's Pizza delivery guy. Seriously though, what a brilliant move by her! If you weren't already aware from the first installment of the viral Glitter Bomb revenge series Tis the season for a glitter bomb revenge!

Ah, the infamous season of booze-soaked debauchery has arrived. The good old office holiday parties. Some of them can tend to get a little wild for people. Twitter users are sharing their experiences thus far with their office holiday parties. Hopefully yours managed to stay relatively decent. This ex-Starbucks barista decided to quit his job in style.

We're talking the modern day masterpiece of writing up a song that's dedicated to the act of leaving your job, and then performing it at work before you peace out for good! Simply genius. We're back at it again with a fresh collection of Tinder users either failing in epic fashionor actually getting somewhere with the shameless pickup lines.

It's remarkable how some of these people actually managed to get somewhere with their matches. It's 10 pm.

8 things that happen when you date a medical student

Do you know where your paperclip is? This guy was able to prove the meme right with his personal paperclip awareness. It's stuff like this that go to show men are peculiar creatures. It's important to know where your paperclip is. Women are sharing their experiences with sending dudes naughty texts, and the resulting moments of anticlimactic awkwardness that ensued. Seems like these guys just didn't know what to say.

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