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Finding love at 55

Posted February 8, Reviewed by Ekua Hagan. Do you sometimes feel depressedanxious or even angry about wanting and yet not having found a partner to love? Is it possible that folks over 50 still can find and even marry the true love of their life?

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The act of falling in love can happen in heartbeat but finding that special person can take time. It boosted my confidence if nothing else. A romance blossomed from a friendship and at first I was tentative because of the age gap but then I thought screw it.

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If you are an older guy and you are single and alone then you really need to follow the action items in this article! Stop being alone and lonely!! Think for a minute… Does it not make you wonder how many people over the age of 55 who are divorced or who have lost their spouse in some other fashion are lonely and seeking to find a new partner in life?

Perhaps you are a man who has survived a great career and is looking forward to retirement but has found himself suddenly single at an older age and are tired of being alone. This past holiday weekend I sat down with a buddy of mine who is 62 years of age and was tired of being alone and wanted to find a new girlfriend or possible wife. His concern was that he was too old to have a love interest and did not know how to go about finding the special woman to spend time with. Sitting across from my buddy Mark at this greasy bar and grill I quickly discovered that he was becoming lonely and Finding love at 55 by being single at this stage in his life.

Most of his friends have either moved off the island or are so tied up with their own families they have no time to spend doing the normal guy things with Mark.

What it is like to fall in love after 50?

When I asked Mark when was the last time he had a date with an attractive woman he could not remember… It had been that long ago! In essence Mark is a lot like many older men who are single and alone where they have just given up on trying to find that someone special to spend their life with. For my friend Mark it was his demanding job and his side business of writing that became sort of a self proclaimed exodus from society. Now he sits before me with a beer in hand depressed, alone and no prospects for meeting any women at all.

The odds of an older man finding a relationship after the age of 50 or even 60 is pretty darn good! Here I give three reasons why that is the case:.

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Reason one : men have the ability to date women either younger or older than themselves. This gives them a much larger range of available females to pursue than what the woman may have. I myself have dated women as much as 15 years older than myself and 20 years younger than myself.

Women on the other hand do not seem to have the same ability to do so.

Reason two : most men over the age of 50 have the ability to become much more physically appealing just by getting their sorry ass into the gym and performing a standardize weight training routine. Within a matter of 2 to 3 months an average man can dramatically change how they look physically. This physical transformation through fitness can dramatically enhance not just their physical appearance but their emotional well-being and confidence levels.

This in itself will greatly enhance their ability to become more physically appealing to the opposite sex.

Reason three : the odds of finding a relationship after 50 for a man greatly increase just due to the fact that men who are older are in their prime earning years when it comes to income. Women will be drawn to a man who was successful financially and thus it becomes much easier for a man to develop a loving relationship with a woman looking for man who can financially be a resource for her.

If my friend is serious about finding a girlfriend or possible life partner then following these nine action items will greatly put the odds in his favor. Mark is a pretty action oriented type guy so I think he will. Below are the nine items I wrote out on a napkin for him to follow up on for his success with women.

If you are a guy and you want to get out socially and interact with other successful people closer to your age the Lions Club is a great way to do that. These folks work on community oriented projects with a focus on eye care. I have spoken to groups of lines club members over the years and I can tell you that the mix of membership is very diversified and these folks are very tight.

Quite often many of the members will get together outside of typical Lions Club activities and do social things such as bowling, dinners at once home or softball leagues.

Secrets to finding love after 50

The vast majority of members that belong to Lions Club are successful business people who are little older and looking to meet other like-minded people. Our friend Mark would benefit by ing this type of organization in his efforts to expand his social network and thus greatly enhance his odds of attracting with women that he could possibly date.

While I am not a golfer, more of a tennis player, I have seen where golf becomes a very good social outlet for many men.

Here in Hawaii you can find many Japanese and Korean women playing golf. Another buddy of mine met his wife on the golf course. She was a restaurant owner from Japan that he met on the putting green while they are waiting to start their round of golf. They have been married now for well over five years and have two kids together. So yeah, golf may seem like an old farts game but there is a lot of social interaction going on during the course of hitting the greens. My Japanese wife goes to church almost every Sunday and if I am not working I will go with her.

What I noticed was that there was a large amount of older single women in attendance at her particular church. I know if I were a single guy this would be one of the places I would look to to meet women who are available and are possibly seeking a quality partner themselves. Just for the heck of it, if you are a guy over the age of 50 and you want to better your chances of finding love after 55 check out a few Sunday services at various churches in your area.

My career I developed surgery centers for a living. During the course of my daily activities of working within various hospitals I noticed many volunteers were slightly older women who were trying to fill up their days with meaningful Finding love at 55.

Never too late for love

I can think of no better place to find a goodhearted, good-natured woman they had as a volunteer at a hospital! I am fortunate that I have a schedule where at times I can be working out at the gym either early in the morning, mid afternoon or late at night. One thing I always notice is the of women who attend aerobics class. I would say there were two ladies for every man in each aerobics class I witnessed. What fertile ground for single guys looking to meet a fit attractive woman. Most of these women who go to the gym by themselves are single.

This could be a fantastic way to meet a new woman who shares the fitness bug.

So get out your local Yellow s start calling around to get membership prices and see which gym fits you best. This website is geared for people over the age of 50 seeking to develop a relationship with the opposite sex. I know if I were single I would choose our time. To better your chances of finding love after 55 for a man I would seriously consider the option of meeting a young lady from the Philippines.

I know several men who have married much younger Filipino women and seem to be very happy with their decision to do so. Apparently in the Philippines it is not frowned upon for much older men to be romantically involved with a much younger woman.

There are a of groups that offer cruises for singles over the age of 40 that are based out of both California and Florida.

While this may be a pricey option it may be the one vehicle that will get you the opportunity to meet the one you spend the rest your life with. And one last tip from Psychology Today :. Get out of your house. If you stay at home, the odds that you will meet someone zoom down. As soon as you leave your house, and especially if you leave to go do activities you enjoy, your odds of bumping into someone with similar interests zoom upward.

Meet 8 couples who found their soul mates after 50

Are you a history buff? Do your reading in libraries and bookstores. Go visit historical sites or become a volunteer at a historical site. While it may seem somewhat daunting to be out in the singles arena looking for a woman worth being with there are options that may make it easier and actually fun to do. The trick is to just get out there and start creating or crafting a social life that put you in direct intersection with those who may be able to assist you in meeting that special lady.

Just by following the above mentioned nine action items should get you firmly planted in a lifestyle that will make you much more attractive to the opposite sex.

Best (and worst) states for finding love

Granted, you may be 48 or 63 it goes to show that you are never too old to find a woman worth dating and eventually settling down with. In the nutshell, get off the couch and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Take charge of your life and create new friendships. Discover new hobbies and explore old interests. Eventually you will come upon a woman that really captivates your heart. Chances of Finding Love After 55?! A Quick Guide for Men. The problem: single, alone and no prospects! Here I give three reasons why that is the case: Reason one : men have the ability to date women either younger or older than themselves.

Here are the nine items I gave to Mark to better his chances of finding love after one : your local Lions Club fraternal organization. Mature woman holding bouquet of flowers While I am not a golfer, more of a tennis player, I have seen where golf becomes a very good social outlet for many men. three : attend church. four: volunteer at your local hospital. five : aerobics class. six : your local gym. eight : Date a pretty Filipina! nine : a singles cruise.

And one last tip from Psychology Today : Get out of your house. Quick takeaways on: Bettering your chances of finding love after