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German shepherd breeders in columbus ohio

When Charles M. German Shepherds are a selfless dog breed and they love their humans unconditionally. Rin Tin Tin, the German Shepherdshowed that in the countless films he acted in.

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This German Shepherd breeder in Ohio is a family-owned Kennel that has worked with German Shepherds for over 35 years.

As stated on their websitethey successfully breed excellent dogs with superb temperaments and great working abilities that make for wonderful family pets, as well as service and sport dogs. On their website, there is plenty of educational information about the breed, as well as how to choose a good breeder and what to look out for. Visit their website to learn more about them and their wonderful dogs and to inquire about their puppies.

As stated on their websitethey have been involved with German Shepherds since and specialize in breeding from imported World Champion German Shepherd bloodlines. All puppies are born and raised on a farm, surrounded by a family of adults, children, and other animals.

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They get plenty of love and socialization. All puppies go to their new homes with a 2-year genetic health guarantee, shots and vaccinations, AKC limited registration and a vet certificate. This is a small Breeder located in the Columbus area. As they state on their website, this is a breeder with decades of experience in dog breeding and training, as well as veterinary science. This breeder cares deeply about the health of their dogs first and foremost, then their working abilities, and their looks.

They offer their customers high quality working German Shepherds that can boast sturdy health, endurance, resilience, trainability and wonderful temperaments. Their dogs excel as working dogs in such occupations as Search And Rescue, Police work, as well as sports of obedience, agility, etc.

They also make wonderful family companions. They specialize in breeding and training working line German Shepherds. As stated on their website, all their dogs are hand-selected in Germany with only the top quality specimens getting into their program. They have had extensive experience in breeding and training German Shepherds for over thirty years. This Kennel trains German shepherds for Police work, protection, Drug detection and other types of services.

Breeding and training is their fulltime job and passion. To learn more about this breeder and their dogs or training programsvisit here.

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This is a small Breeder specializing in working line German Shepherds. According to their websitethey breed from some of the best Working line German Shepherds from Europe, including West Germany and Czechoslovakia. Their litters are thoroughly researched and planned.

All of their dogs are OFA hip and elbow certified and thoroughly genetically screened. Many of their dogs are IPO titled and have other awards and titles as well.

German shepherd dog puppies for sale near columbus, ohio, usa, 1 (10 per )

This Ohio German Shepherd breeder is located in Cleveland. According to their websitethis Breeder is a long-standing member of United Schutzhund Clubs of America and focuses on breeding dogs with a wonderful temperament and excellent working qualities.

Their German Shepherds are both Schutzhund titled and Breed Surveyed as well as have achievements in many Regional and National competitions. This breeder can offer a high quality, wonderful dog both for someone simply looking for a pet and family companion, as well as someone desiring to compete with their dog. On their website, you can find lots of information about their dogs and puppies, as well as the breed in general. This is a small Breeder located on an acreage in Medina, where their dogs have a full run of their property to enjoy.

According to their websitethey focus on breeding from Champion World Class German and American lineswith the goal of preserving and promoting all the best qualities of the breed when it comes to health, temperament and soundness.

Breeders of working german shepherds & all breed dog training

Their dogs have been an active part and have won awards at such activities as agility, obedience, tracking, therapy, and service work, Schutzhund IPO titled and others. All their dogs are OFA hip and elbow certified. There is a lot of valuable information on German Shepherd breed excellence standards on their website, as well as information on their wonderful dogs and puppies. German Shepherd Owner review: Stephanie and her pup Rufus. It was mostly me who looked for a breeder, then I was in a long correspondence with one, then we switched to another… Long story short, we found a good German Shepherd breeder and finally found our Rufus.

At first he lived in the house with us. Then it was summer, and we built a little fenced in area in our yard where he spent a lot of time while we tended to the garden. He was the one who did the most training. Truth be told, he did it even though we tried to teach him not top. But, once he matured a bit, around the age of 14 months, he became much smarter and more mellow.

More polite. However, he is an excellent protector. Today no one can enter our house unless we invite them and if someone puts their purse or a bag on the floor in the house, Rufus will think it now belongs to us until we give it back to the owner. We are still working on his protective instincts to try and modulate them so he is nicer to friendly strangers. He is also extremely smart. He probably knows about words if not more, and many commands. He knows the names of people, and of most of his toys.

German shepherd breeders in ohio reviewed

Sometimes we think he will start talking to us! Although getting Rufus was my idea, I think Rufus thinks his main owner is my husband.

He loves me too, but he listens mostly to my husband. Anything active really. He really needs a lot of activity throughout the day, or he gets bored and not as happy. If you are in the puppy trenches, in that busy, uncomfortable stage, remember that it too will pass. Just six months or so and you will have a young adult on your hands. Until then, you just need to be patient and try your best at training your dog and teaching them everything they need to know to grow up the best version of themselves.

September 23, October 5, September 21, There are so many factors to keep in mind, and a lot of research that you need to do to choose a good, reputable breeder that can offer a truly healthy puppy for you. German Shepherd Breeders North Carolina reviewed.

German shepherd puppies for sale

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Puppy mills are abundant and unconscientious breeders prosper out there. We are here to help you find a reputable breeder of a breed of your choice. Team at breederreview.

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