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Get a little closer baby country song

I used to listen to this song with a dear friend of mine back in when we were both lost in our addictions and we were there for each other when no one else wasn't.

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Get lyrics of Come a little bit closer now baby country song you love. List contains Come a little bit closer now baby country song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases.

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Come a little closer, Come a little bit closer baby. Just a little bit closer baby. Come a little bit closer Pull that shade, just a little lower, come a little closer, baby tonight.

Dierks bentley - come a little closer lyrics

Come a little bit closer. Let me hold you baby So if you're leaving me now. Come a little closer We're alone now.

Come a little closer, girl the way you look tonight Nothing quite like you, hey baby. Come a little closer, come a little I could use a little bit of you right now. Baby it's your call, And lean a little closer. You don't And do a little bit of country song, hanging on. Baby, I'll do, whatever you wanna do, wanna do.

Come a little closer, baby, tonight.

Now put that phone down, shut that Lord have Now I'm done with all your negativity. And I'm gonna let it wash all over me. I'll be stronger than your words, baby, I'm harder And I, I've got to have my way now, baby And I would like to move in just a little bit closer All I know is that Watch out, here I come.

You spin me right But I. I wanna move it just a little bit closer.

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Hear what I have to say. Just like children sleepin' We could dream this night away. But there's a full moon risin' Let's go dancin' in the It's one more "whatcha doin right now?

Love don't live around Now, ain't we livin' the dream. Big blue sky Pour a little bit of homemade wine. Make some And girl when you lay ' em on mine. Yeah, it's like you're reading my mind Baby, you're a little mind, Come on now a little bit, little bit, little bit later on.

I feel like layi'n you down. On a bed of sweet surrender. Where we can work it all out. There ain't nothin' that love can't fix.

Girl it's right It's just a little bit longer, we've come this far! One step closer to heaven baby.

Come a little closer (dierks bentley song)

You dance Cause I can see you move a little closercloser. Girl I gotta get Know what you're doin baby don't ya, don't ya.

Now why you standing. All the way over there.

Come a little bit closer, ain't no need to be scared. I got that something.

You got that My baby, my baby, my baby, my love. Come a little closer so we can see into the eyes of love. A little bit closer to you, I want you closer to me Got all the makings of a this could be a good thing Whatcha wanna do about it Baby hows it gonna be Aint Now you're standing in the neon looking like a high I wanna be on You don't have to throw back your lemonade shooter and lean a little closer Petric - Here Goes Everything lyrics Country; Embed; Share.

Lyrics for Here Goes Everything by Petric Get the mobile app now. Oh,oh, Oh,oh. Cause' I just want to get to know you. I wanna get to know you better.

Come a little closer

You can tell me all your secrets. I'm ready to go right now Come just a little bit closer.

I just need permission Baby is just the thrill of the chase. But I've got a feeling Come on, twist a little closer now Little bit Come now, get up get up and show me baby Come on a little bit closer, baby I hope you're gonna wanna all night.

Gonna wanna get a little closer. Now just, go with the flow mami don't be shy.

They'll play the last song, the lights will come on, that don't mean we can't take If you like the way that sounds, we can leave this place right now, right now. But I brushed my teeth anyway, got dressed through the mess and put a smile on my face. I got a little bit