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A dramedy centering around the relationship between a thirtysomething single mother and her teen daughter living in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

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Long ago, in a far-off time and place where people could freely enjoy themselves in the company of strangers, also known as Decemberan enormous crowd was gathered at the Warner Bros.

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It was never a breakout hit during its seven-year run. It never found its way to a mass audience, was never nominated for a major Emmy, never received the gotta-watch-it buzz of other shows that arrived around the same moment.

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But through word of mouth, DVD sales, millennial nostalgia, and the power of Netflix, which greenlit the reboot in after first purchasing the streaming rights to the series, new fans, some of whom had not yet been born when the show premiered, discovered Lorelai and Rory. There were few distractions in sight. The idea for the show was to tell the story of a bookish teenage girl whose best friend was her something mother. The backdrop would be an idyllic Connecticut town full of oddballs and eccentrics, and the tone would be a blend of character-driven comedy and drama, all set to a screwball pace.

After the show was acquired by the WB network, Sherman-Palladino insisted on holding out until they found the ideal performers for each role, regardless of their prior experience or fame.

Gilmore girls

Sherman-Palladino picked Graham for the part of Lorelai over several more well-known actors, at least partly for her literary acumen. The tone was set from the moment the writing staff was first assembled. To make matters tougher, Sherman-Palladino insisted that performers deliver the lines exactly as written.

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Could we do it again, just a little bit faster? Instead, the show preferred to stick two characters in the frame and let them talk it out, with scenes filling five or 10 s of script, instead of the customary and a quarter.

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On-the-fly rewrites, in addition to the volume and pace of the dialogue, kept the performers scrambling. Bledel, a model and college student with limited television experience, needed more help than the others at first, not even knowing which camera she was supposed to face.

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The show received one Emmy nomination and award, for best makeup. You want to be given credit.

Why ‘gilmore girls’ endures

The cast and crew were especially dismayed that Graham never received the Emmy nomination they believed she richly deserved. Series about the ordinary triumphs and heartaches of women have until quite recently been treated like they are of inherently limited interest.

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For many fans, Stars Hollow has always been their happy place, and is only more so now.