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Growing liberty caps indoors

Liberty caps are the only mushrooms in the Netherlands which contain psilocybin. The substance psilocybin makes you trip. For this reason Liberty caps are regularly picked by psychonauts for making a psychedelic journey.

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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. Posted 15 March - PM. Posted 16 March - PM. Posted 17 March - AM. Posted 17 March - PM. About 50 average sized shrooms seems to be about right for starters. I had mild effects with the I found. Don't know about weight. Posted 18 March - PM. Posted 19 March - AM. Posted 21 March - AM. Believe it or not, many experienced trippers consider the semi high to be on par with our beloved woodlovers ie: azurescens and Ps cyanescens.

No joke P. Hunt and experience liberty caps if you possibly can! Community Forum Software by IP. Like Mycotopia?

Become a member today! In Create. Semilanceata an indoor possible? Posted 15 March - PM I've had a quick look through the archives, and can't find many references to Liberty Caps. Does anyone have any experience of indoor growing or indoor spawn production for outdoor beds? I've never managed to find enough in the wild for a good trip, but I liked the giggliness the few I found on Hampstead Heath induced.

Anyone have spores? Posted 16 March - PM Nobody? Posted 16 March - PM I'm pretty sure its near impossible to grow them indoors. They form a special relationship with some bacteria outside I believe, or something else they grow around. Semilanceata mycelium running through straw".

Unfortunately that's all the detail there is, no explanatory text. There's a pic in the archives of some Libs allegedly fruiting indoors in Germany. If I could only get some spawn going, to try an outdoor bed I'd be happy. I have one dried Lib about 5 years old, and I doubt if I could culture tissue from that! Posted 17 March - AM apparently they are near impossible to induce pinning Posted 17 March - AM About 50 average sized shrooms seems to be about right for starters. A relatively newly described species from Spain.

In Spain it grows directly on sheep dung in fields that also support fruitings of Psilocybe semilanceata". Posted 17 March - AM Excellent! Thanks Anno you're a mine of information : At least I have a starting point now.

P. semilanceata an indoor possible?

If I can find some spores maybe time to find the dried oldie? Posted 17 March - PM About 50 average sized shrooms seems to be about right for starters. That's a very high dose! Normally 20 shrooms are good for a decent trip! I think you have picked some weak ones Posted 17 March - PM Maybe so. It's my only experience with Semilanceata, so I don't have anything to compare it with. I'd say it was the equivalent of about 0.

Grow liberty caps indoors

Cubensis, although it's difficult to judge because I've never dosed below 1. Posted 17 March - PM P sem seems to fruit best after a cold snap of frosty weather. My best ever wild harvest was during a freezing fog. Another time it was mild weather after a frosty period when i had given up hope!

Refridgerating the cased spawn for a few days or more before inducing pinning may be a vital step. Posted 18 March - PM Here's a few pics and some info for those who are interested in of P. Psilocybe semilanceata or Liberty Cap is the most wide spread wild psilocybin mushroom in the world.

The history of liberty caps

Liberty caps are about two to three times more potent than Psilocybe cubensis. Required amount for a trip is fresh mushrooms or one to two grams dried. Effects are claimed to be very visual in high dosages and very tranquil in their effect on the body.

Liberty caps grow in tall rank grasses in pasturelands, lawns, parks, fields, golf courses, alongside ro etc. The best season is fall: from when the fall rains begin until the first freezes. Sporeprint chocolate to purple brown. Attached Thumbnails. Posted 18 March - PM Thanks, nice photographs! Posted 18 March - PM Thats a great pic I don't know what it is, but the Liberty Cap has always seemed the nicest looking of the shrooms to me.

Hundreds of shroom species

That thin wavy stalk and little nipple are just so elegant :p. Posted 18 March - PM they are so tiny and thin. Posted 19 March - AM they are so tiny and thin. Posted 21 March - AM This is slightly off topic, but not really.

Until last week I was using pot times daily and now that I have stopped using, I have started remembering dreams. One of the first was directly inspired by this thread.

Although I have never seen a Liberty Cap, much less grew one, I dreamed that my entire yard was full of them. It was so real. I was picking them by the handful and I couldn't wait to try them. And the head of the department I graduated from in college was all of the sudden the manager of our trailer park and was very interested in either busting me or stealing my precious crop, so I tried to get them all as fast as I could. I also had some giant cubensis growing around my neighbor's trailer. I wish I would have eaten them before I woke up, but I was not so lucky.

Posted 21 March - AM Nice dream! Probably very Freudian ; I'm quite happy for this thread to turn into a general Liberty Cap free for all. I love the little buggers, and I'm only too happy to read any vaguely relevant information yep, that includes dreams :. Posted 21 March - AM Believe it or not, many experienced trippers consider the semi high to be on par with our beloved woodlovers ie: azurescens and Ps cyanescens. Reply to quoted posts Clear. Change Theme Mycotopia v5 IP.

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