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Hispanic with blonde hair

Blonde Mexican women had an awe-inspiring impact around the world and we cannot get over how beautiful they are. There are many gorgeous and famous Mexican women with flawless radiant skin and beautiful blonde hair. These women have lustrous and gorgeous hair in all hair colors, including blonde, whether they are natural or from the bottle blonde.

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Spring has sprung which means it's time to switch up those brunette locks for lighter strands. They say blondes have more fun, but picking the perfect hair color for your complexion can be challenging. With hues like light honey, platinum, chestnut, icy and even strawberry blonde, choosing your blonde can be overwhelming. According to many colorists and celebrity hair experts, selecting the right blonde depends on your skin tone. From Jennifer Lopez to Beyoncekeep scrolling to get inspired by these celebrities' lighter locks for your next hair appointment. Musical sensation Christina Aguilera is recognized for her killer vocals, progressive mindset and of course, her fierce silver blonde locks!

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Mexican women are known for their exotic looks and dreamy features. Mix matching with their already sultry looks can be the inspiration we can all draw from. Some Mexican female celebrities have upped their hair game by trying on different hair colours and they have not disappointed. Here are some beautiful Mexican celebrities with blonde hair.

With her sultry and radiant features. Jessica Alba is one of the most desired Mexican actresses Hollywood has gained so far. Jessica Alba has not played it safe with her looks. In fact, she has regularly surprised her fans with different hair shades, which have favoured her. Her ature blonde look has etched onto our minds because of how iconic it looked.

Pretty mexican blonde haired celebs

The hair colour compliments her Mexican features which seem to look more distinct with the blonde highlights. No doubt that Paulina Rubino is one of the hottest celebrities we have. She stunned her fans when she pulled off a blonde look with long waves. Paulina has a hairline which is round and this makes her blonde hair frame her face extremely well. Since the Mexican actress has a warm complexion, blonde hair colour can really boost her beauty game. Not to mention her seductive eyes and plumpy lips which just go so well with the blonde long curls.

Salma Hayek wore her ature blonde look to the Cannes film festival paired with a bright pink suit. Her Mexican skin tone and features have done the perfect job in blending so well with the blonde hair making her even more gorgeous. The Frida star is capable of pulling off almost any look, but the blonde look is our favourite! Bella Thorne, a Mexican actress and singer have appeared redheaded to her audience which made her ature look.

It is only when she surprised us with the blonde hair look that we realise how the Disney star is adaptable with any hair colour. Though her skin tone is not as dusky as others, she definitely gives out a Mexican charm.

The actress has very distinct features and not to mention the gorgeous smile! Thalia is one of the most gorgeous among Mexican celebrities. The blonde is definitely a good choice for her given she has long beautiful curls.

Even though the Mexican singer maintained the blonde look in the 90s, she had kept up with a brown hue for a long time after that. She surprised her fans on Twitter with the sudden decision to revert. But she has not made a mistake. Her blonde hair is a treat! Her sharp facial features do justice to the blonde hair colour. The Mexican singer has always tried bold looks and pulled off every single one of them. When it comes to her ature look, we think it is the blonde. All the other creative looks that the singer has tried have been along the same lines.

The blonde hair colour is made for her sharp facial features. She rocked the bob haircut with the blonde look. She has a very charismatic way of maintaining her hair looks. They all have a certain feel which adds up to her personality.

She is known by her fans for this very aspect. Selena Gomez and her Mexican connection have never been buried.

The Mexican-American singer pulled off the blonde look effortlessly. Although we have seen Selena through some drastic haircuts, she has never made much of a statement on her hair colour. The blonde look definitely took her fans by surprise with how chic she looked. Her uneven bob haircut, which she has maintained for quite some time now, is the ature look she goes by now.

Jennifer lopez

Born in Columbia, Nina Garcia who is a chief editor for Elle rocks the blonde look. We love how her highlights are so subtle yet definite. The Project Runway judge has a long narrow face and her hair compliments her facial structure just right! Linda Christian who is known for her role in James Bond was born in Mexico.

Christina aguilera

The look as shown in the above picture is a wavy retro hairstyle which is blonde. The retro hairstyle is the key to her identity. She definitely made this look a ature look with the way she carried it. Alexis was born and raised in Mexico with both her parents having their roots in Mexico. Her blonde look is very memorable as her fans have always adored her hairstyles. The actress is a visual treat with her distinctive facial features.

Her narrow and well-structured Hispanic with blonde hair is something that we all dream to match with blonde hair. We all love the way she has layered her blonde hair. Blue eyes on itself stand out from the rest of your facial features and so does having blonde hair. The two highlighting aspects make you look exotic and gorgeous.

In Mexico, the most common hair colour that women go by is dirty blonde. Since they have a beautiful skin tone, blue eyes will surely be divine. Since the Mexican skin tone is more on the darker side, light hair colours will look beautiful. Platinum blonde and light brown are some of our top picks. Since Mexican women are known for their exotic facial features, these light colours will help highlight them more. However Mexican women are known to try out different styles and lookseach of them according to their respective features.

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Welcome to BestHairLooks. Our team of professional hairstylists and experts are constantly trying to give you the best advice when it comes to hair care and the best hairstyle for you. Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Close Search. Beautiful Mexican Celebrities with blonde hair. Mexican Celebrities with blonde hair 1 — Jessica Alba with blonde hair 2 — Paulino Rubino with blonde hair 3 Salma Hayek with Blonde hair 4 — Bella Thorne with blonde hair 5 — Thalia with blonde hair 6 — Christina Aguilera with blonde hair 7 — Sara Paxton with blonde hair 8 — Selena Gomez with blonde hair 9 — Nina Garcia with blonde hair 10 — Linda Christian with blonde hair 11 — Alexis Bledel with blonde hair 12 — Vanna white with blonde hair 13 — Shakira with blonde hair 14 — Demi Lovato with blonde hair 15 — Angelique Boyer 16 — Carmen electra blonde hair Are blue eyes and blonde hair considered attractive in Mexico?

Which hair colour suits Mexican skin tone?

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