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In this day and age, we all pretty much own a phone or android device where we can download apps, which I have to admit can be very handy to have at easy reach. Putting aside possibly the most used photo, calendar and social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, there is a collection of apps I use regularly to help make life simpler, organised and saved my sanity. Here are my top 7 best apps for busy mums, I hope they can help you out too! My teen girls also use this app.

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Being a housewife or househusband is a full-time job, and not that 8 hours a day one. Thankfully there are some great Android apps for housewives that can help in better time management and house making.

We have the utmost respect for homemakers in our lives. They keep our house beautiful and tummies full. Thankfully, I have the guidance of my parents with me, and the tips written here, come directly from them. For future reference, if my advice is not about gaming or Android, take it with a grain of salt.

1. houzz interior de ideas

The apps worked fine and no problems were faced during testing. Some of the apps require an active internet connection to work properly. Now, take that feeling of wonder and awe and make an app of it, you will get Houzz Interior. This is an interior de app that allows you to expand your horizons and make your house a home. Your home is an extension of yourself, so make it the way you want it to be. However, after looking at the prices, I would suggest you research the market first. Some items seemed inappropriately expensive to me.

But hey! What do I know about coffee tables? Free Version. If you have kids then you must know the pain of getting up in the morning.

Getting your kids ready for school is one of the most important and time crunching jobs you have. Thankfully we have an amazing alarm app to make sure you wake up before the. Alarmy is one of the best alarm apps for Android and it should be on your smartphone, as soon as possible.

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The interface, the features, and the ability to wake you up on time make it a must-have Android app for housewives. If you are a sound sleeper or a dribble sleeper goes back to sleep after the alarmthen Alarmy has some interesting features for you. You can select the photo mode which only shuts the alarm off when you take a particular picture.

It works really well and can help you reach the bathroom in 2 seconds.

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Otherwise, your spouse will kick you off the bed, which indecently works just as well. Running a home is not easy, but managing funds is really hard. Take it from me, a person who has virtually zero responsibilities, a handsome salary, and rent-free housing and I still end up broke more often than I like to admit.

It can easily track your income and expenses and can even arrange them in simple. I highly recommend this app to someone who is new to adulthood, even if they are not a homemaker yet. A penny saved is a penny earned, in our world, I recommend saving 50 House wife app to actually have some purchasing power instead of spare change, though. Daily Expenses can help you manage your income well and in the long run, allow you to purchase things you actually need. This is a simple grocery app that allows you to remember eggs on the way back home. But that is not why it is listed here.

Many couples these days work as well as run homes together. Sometimes miscommunication in 4 cartons of milk instead of the usual 2. Our Groceries is a great app that can be used by the family.

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This way momma can make the list and forward it to all of the participants, the members in return can check off items they have bought on the way home. This way you can get the yogurt you all like and still get the cereal from the big store. The app also has a clean interface and intuitive controls, you will have no trouble at all sharing information with your family on the go. Now that you have managed almost everything else, you can get to cooking quality meals. Cooking is a big part of daily tasks a housewife has to perform and Allrecipes is a nice way of adding spice to daily meals.

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From amazing looking pasta to mouthwatering cakes, you can easily make anything you want with this great app. It is one of my personal favorite ones, not because I like to cook but because I love to eat. I usually pick a dish that looks phenomenal and asks my mom to make it. Of course, I have to use the app to go grocery shopping myself for the exotic ingredients but Allrecipes makes the effort seem worthwhile.

These were some of the Android apps for housewives and homemakers that can help in day to day chores. The apps will enable you to shave off time from your daily routine and just take a break yourself.

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If you have any questions or concerns about the apps, feel free to sound them in the comments below. Featured Image Credits. Billa shares knowledge about Android apps and technology in exchange for the right to play video games whenever he wants to. We take a ton of photos on our Android smartphones. With smartphones coming out with stellar cameras, there is no need to carry a digital….

Despite sharing the same great mobile operating system, phones and tablets are different from each other. This is why we are making a list of….

I mean, who are the people behind the scenes of…. When we shop online, we pay with our card. When we buy in-store, we sometimes use our card. Fast and easy. But you know which is easier? When we use the best digital wallet app for Android. Check out the 5 best digital wallet apps for Android which are fast and secure too at the same time. Problems with internal storage? Storing important pictures and videos on local storage can be risky. Hi Ben, Thanks for your feedback and for commenting. Our readers opinions are very important to use.

Thanks for pointing that out man. I get your point about the topic selection, but lets be honest, almost a fraction of people would search for best apps for house husbands. I dedicated almost 2 paras on distancing the content from the name though, do give it a read.

I never would have found this list otherwise. All students — 1 still in high school and all the SAHM apps include the craziness of parenting little ones. Other time management apps are geard more toward the business world. Thank you Billa for your honest reviews. Very helpful when searching for that perfect fit. Keep the name!

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After all, I am a wife and I try to manage my household.? Ya ditto. Although i am a new housewife with a 8 year old step daughter and a 3 year old son.

I have just become a House Wife, devoting my time, energy, and over half the time patience to my Husband, Children, and home. Now i have to organize the new house we moved into no ideal about styles or organizing cook meals that are healthy and inexpensive, as well as do courses i never even thought about before.

Is spring cleaning a real thing i mean really how many peaple actually spring clean? Any way aside from the cooking app being a little pricey I love all the other apps. Free Version 4. Our Groceries Shopping List This is a simple grocery app that allows you to remember eggs on the way back home.

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