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How to dress girly and feminine

Looking feminine is the goal of every girl. For woman of any age, being feminine is synonymous to being attractive. Some women are naturally blessed with feminine curveswhile others might be less endowed.

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When it comes to assessing your personal style, brutal honesty is important. I spent my twenties swept away by dreamy catalogue shoots of women in romantic settings—Provence, Barcelona, Morocco—think of the Anthropologie catalogues with their always interesting, always feminine women. Shaped by my love of old movies and sartorial icons like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, I had deeply embedded ideas of what it meant to dress like a woman: florals, full skirts, fitted waists, embroidery. The problem was that I was a different woman from these icons and models; my life in no way resembled theirs.

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Charming and attractive people are the most wanted companions. They love themselves, while respecting others and are always friendly. If you think you lack a little charm in your behavior and a little attractiveness in your everyday life, look at how you can change it. There are two types of ladies, those who are natural seducers and those who know all the secrets of seduction. Whether it's a matter of behavior or appearance, all women want to look more feminine and attractive to man. There are several things that will make you more feminine and are attractive to men.

Every woman wants to be feminine and attractive. If you want the same, read these tricks. This style or not? When it comes to being more feminine, red is the right color. Start using red lipstick.

Studies show that red lips are most attractive for men. If you are not in the mood for lipstick, or is not the right occasion for red lipstick, use a labyrinth or lip gloss to make your lips look nurtured and beautiful. Also, wear something red on you.

1. to be more feminine use red

Studies have shown that men will pay attention to a girl who wears red instead of any other who wears a different color of clothing. Being pure and fresh is something that is very important. Take bath every day, and keep your nails on your fingers clean. Make sure your skin is smooth and soft. Many girls are trying to get tan thinking that that is attractive for men.

But believe me, men do not care about your skin color, but how it feels when they touch it. Wash your face twice a day, no more, no less - once in the morning, and once before going to bed. This will help prevent acne.

Use Face Cream. Also if you want to be more feminine, you should regularly depilate your legs, armpit and arms.

High-waisted things.

Be more feminine by using a good perfume. Use a beautiful perfume. Nothing can excite a man more than a girl that smells nice. Do not overdo it. You do not need to spray the perfume so everyone around you can feel it, but it needs to be felt when someone approaches you. No one was born with a perfect body, that's bad news.

The good news is that we can change what we do not like on our body, if we work on it. In the meantime, wear the clothing that suits you. For example, if you have bigger hips, do not wear clothes that are too narrow and colorful trousers, as they increase the look of the thigh. Do not wear too wide jackets. If your stomach is not flat and you have spoilers, do not wear t-shirts that are short or glued on you.

It's best to choose a tunic. Take care of your hair. Research has shown that lush hair, especially if it is long, is the main factor that makes women feel attractive.

Make sure your hair is healthy. Make your hair always clean and shiny. Avoid straightening or curling your hair, because this can damage your hair.

Leave your hair in a natural shape. Men like that the most. It would be best if you have long hair, but if it does not fit your face, then choose a short and beautiful hairstyle. Do not over-believe tips for faster hair growth. Often combing and massaging the scalp does not stimulate hair growth. Here are the best ways to feed your hair: - Do not wash your hair every day. Once or twice a week is enough.

The hair is primarily composed of proteins. If you eat well and drink plenty of water, not only will your hair look great, but your skin too. You like when a man has a well-formed body, don't you? Get out and activate yourself. Not only you will look nice, but you will be healthy too.

Just do not lose too much pounds. Remember that men love girls with curls.

Mix it up.

Keep practicing at least 30 minutes a day, and if you cannot, then at least three times a week. a club where a group exercise is organized. If nothing else, at least try walking every day for 30 minutes! Get dressed in attractive clothes occasionally from time to time. Choose clothes in which you will look thinner, which will emphasize your curves.

You want to be more feminine?

Narrow jeans are always good. You can wear carat sometimes, it's not bad, but do not show too much skin, leave something for the fantasy of a man. Every man loves the underwear, so try always to have a nice underwear on you, if you want to look more feminine and attractive to your partner, while in bed. Good morning, do you like this style? Proper posture is another trick on how to look more feminine and attractive.

This is simple, but it can really make a big difference - practice good posture! Certain studies have proven that good posture has a direct impact on the way you feel about yourself and also on the way how others see you. By practicing good posture, you will "automatically" feel more secure, enthusiastic and authoritative, and will easily make a good and positive impression on others. A woman who is standing upright with proper posture is certainly attractive to men.

Although clothing is not the most important thing in the world, the way you dress can ificantly affect the way you feel and, therefore, you can use this "tool" to take advantage of, to increase your level of confidence. When you wear girly stuff, dresses and elegant clothes, you look more feminine. That will make you feel great, and even your behavior will change in a more feminine way.

And when we say elegant clothes, we do not necessarily mean expensive! You can find feminine and elegant clothes in any store, just chose pieces that make you feel more elegant, secure, feminine and attractive. Wear girly things that will make you look more feminine such as necklace, earrings, and other fashion accessories. Remember: The way you feel is the way others will see you. Compliments yourself in front of the mirror; that way you will feel more feminine and more attractive!

I know this sounds strange, but that's true! So, try to encourage yourself and to increase your level of confidence by telling compliments to yourself in front of a mirror, saying polite and good words for yourself, mentioning your strengths and goals, highlighting your abilities and talents. You will see how well this technique can increase your confidence! Doing something new, something that looks terrible or difficult for you can greatly increase your levels of confidence and also trying new things can help you feel more attractive.