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How to tell when a guy is playing you

But before you make a final decision on what you believe this man is like, you need to know the s that he is actually a player.

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And whoever falls in love first, loses. But you have a bad feeling about him. Or another way to rephrase that question. That he is not serious.

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To spare you from being played for a fool by a man, here's the inside scoop on what you can be on the lookout for so you can break up with him before he breaks your heart. Here's the ultimate list of warning s that clearly tell you that he's a guy to avoid if you're looking for a real relationship.

I know there are lots of reasons people can run late that are beyond their control traffic jam, car problems, being stuck at the officebut a quick call from his cell phone will put your mind at ease, and let you know that you have a few more minutes to try on that one other outfit you were still considering. Steer clear way clear. But he had told her about them fairly early on in their relationship, and she did finally meet them.

Time to start planning your exit strategy. I know there are situations, such as when a divorced man wants to spend time with his children at the family holiday get together, but even then he can make time for you either before or after his family time.

Either the guy is secretly harboring feelings for the girl, or vice versa. And when a guy is in a relationship, he has so much less time to spend with his buddies — why on earth would he ever choose to spend that precious time with another woman?

Well, there are a of reasons he might, and they all involve one deep seated issue or another, and none of them are good. And making sure you know about it?

2. he doesn’t have the hero instinct

He lets you know he had a life without you and he still has a life without you. Let him. You feel like if you could just change yourself and not be so needythis would all work out.

This is by far the biggest warning of all. If you have access to good counseling, take advantage of it, as many times this is the only way to true healing.

And it will be worth it in the long run, to get you past the cycle of toxic relationships so you can move on to the kind of true, sustainable love that you want to attract into your life. She writes about adventures on the rocky road to finding Mr. Right at Getting To True Love.

Here are 7 s a guy is playing you and sending you mixed als.

This article was originally published at Getting to True Love. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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14 warning s he's playing you for a fool (and you need to let him go)

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