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Forgot your password? So I am sort of a plus size woman and my husband is average size. We really want to find a couple with similar body type.

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How do we do that? Not too sure where to look for another couple. I have seen online profiles that express your thoughts.

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Just be honest, describing that you are or one party is larger and we are interested in find people with similar body types. Swinging is not limited to the physically fit, we see a variety of body types at the clubs. And there are men that are into larger women. We see couples like you at the club every night. They all seem to have a great time as long as they are sociable and take the time to meet others there.

Those who shine bright and have the most fun are generally those who go with a great attitude, with the intent on having fun and with no expectations for anything other than to enjoy themselves, however their evening goes. So, go, enjoy the atmosphere!

Dance, laugh, drink and be merry! You may just find you are the bell of the ball no matter what your body type! Thats good to know, we were apprehensive about it. From what all the club profiles say they seem to be very restrictive about who they allow to be in the club or come to the events, then again maybe many of these are private events and clubs, so they are completely entitled to be as exclusive as they want!

BTW, I had made a different username on here a day or so ago and found out my wife had made one too! So we decided to use this name Its a lot better than mine. I'm also still a bit overweight, and have some excess skin.

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I've always been upfront and honest with people, and have never had an issue with it. This is actually the reason I hesitated getting into the ls. I am also a bbw and could not imagine someone actually wanting me. Wish I had of started this years ago!!!!!!

You go girl and have fun! Most of us have flaws of some sort or another and it can be difficult to look at the few people who look and act "perfect" and not be envious. Luckily, it takes all types to make a world, and for every type there's at least a few folks out there for whom that type is perfect. Me, I accepted a long time ago that I would never be someone highly sought after for my looks, but I've had a lot of folks over the years who were strongly attracted to my sense of fun and adventure, my enjoyment of just simply playing, and my lack of expectations of how things are "supposed" to happen.

I've found, over the years that MOST of the people I run into in the Lifestyle don't fall into the realm of the "physically-perfect" or "Ken and Barbie"-types There's all kinds of folk in the lifestyle If you're looking for others of your same "type" check to see if there are local groups in your area which are "size friendly" BBW or such and you could start there.

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I agree with those that say to be honest in your profile as far as who you are, and what you're looking for. One can never go wrong with honesty. You just might be surprised how people perceive you, as we've found that LS people tend to be a lot more accepting, and a lot less judgmental than the general population.

My wife is a delicious BBW who, until getting involved in the lifestyle, had a pretty low opinion of herself with regards to her looks in spite of the fact that I constantly tell her that she's hot. When we went to our first meet and greet, suddenly there were several men and ladies coming up to tell her how beautiful she is, and even a few who couldn't seem to pry their eyes off of her. It worked wonders for her confidence and self esteem, and she's gotten even more fun and outgoing than she was before. I think of it as really inexpensive therapy with a twist.

Personally, I tend to prefer ladies with a bit of extra "padding".

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I also know a lot of other fellas in the lifestyle that have similar preferences. We also had a similar perception prior to getting involved that all the men were over 6 foot tall and built like brick houses, and the girls all looked like swimsuit models. What we found, much to our delight I might add, were people of every shape and size just like at any other public gathering.

Whether or not a person is comfortable in their own skin is far more important than what size that skin happens to be.

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Fun people are fun no matter what size they are. Granted, there will be people that will cross you off of their play list because of your size, but if they can't at least treat you decently in a social setting then they're just assholes and should be crossed off of every list you have as well. If someone isn't into someone else sexually then fine, we all have our preferences and deal breakers, nothing wrong with that, but it's not an excuse to be a dick.

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Also know that there's plenty of other people out there who will cross someone off of their play list for being too skinny. Those are the ones you want to find, and it isn't difficult. Jen is a plus size as well and we have had no problems finding people that are willing to play. As some have said before, there are those that will cross you off their play list because of your size, but from our experiences, they will still be nice and socialize with you. Just because they are not interested, doesn't give them an excuse to be rude.

Most people know, but when it comes down to the stress of a social setting, forget that the most attractive and desirable sexual organ is between the ears. No amount of Barbie-ishness will make you look good if you are a fat head.

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Extra weight and loose skin on a on a really nice personality would most likely never be noticed, at all. Smile, beam that good personality, and own the room. I wish some of you folks lived closer to us, we'd love to have the opportunity to make you feel welcome I'll add my two cents here. M is a bigger girl and I'm about average, but really it's less of a big deal then you make it out to be.

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Someone with an excellent attitude and who genuinely is having fun and is outgoing is going to attract a lot of attention! Best bet is to just let loose, have fun and just let the good times roll! BBWs really have little problem attracting their admirers whether it be at parties or clubs. There are scores of men who love larger women.

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BHMs on the other hand unless they are naturally extroverted and mingle easily in crowds don't have it quite the same way. That's not to say a larger guy couldn't find swing partners online. But at a venue where the of participants is relatively small it's been my experience that it's easy to be dismissed. Why should a woman play with a heavier guy when there are so many other men there to pick from?

That's been my experience in my first year of swinging. We've only been in the lifestyle for a short period of time however we have never had any problems finding couples interested in playing. Understandable if the woman is the heavier of the couple.

Women are in demand in swinging no matter what size. The bar is set higher for men, especially when finding couples who want the woman AND the man. We have basically the same scenario. She is a curvy size He has an athletic build.

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Our body type has not stopped us from having some great experiences with some sexy people. We are quite picky with personality and who we feel safe with.

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However, I think she's absolutely beautiful and the few men we've played with have also told her she is. She's getting a bit more relaxed and is getting more interested in the ls, so, hopefully, I've finally convinced her that her natural beauty and her great personality fit in well with "real" men. All the above examples prove my point.

In these couples it's the woman who's larger, curvy, a BBW. In these couples the man has either an average or athletic figure, perfect targets for horny females on the prowl at a club. Naturally a couple like that should have no problem attracting play partners. But suppose for instance the situation is reversed where the woman has the average to athletic figure and the man is by every measure obese. Individually she's going to get much more action simply by being a woman in swinging.

So basically, what it sounds like you're saying, is that it's easier for a woman to get laid than it is a man? No, what I am saying is that it's easier for a woman of any size to get laid than it is for a fat guy to get laid.