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List of love songs 2009

In descending order, here are the Top songs from January to June based from their music charts performance in the whole period:.

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There is no shortage of beautiful love songs and ball for your wedding when it comes to You can choose from artists such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Keith Urban when considering this list of the top wedding songs. My Wedding Songs is a reader-supported website. As an Amazon Associate, we earn revenue from qualifying purchases. Love Story — Taylor Swift September carryover, Fearless Taylor Swift was hitting all the right notes in her career when this song was released inand younger newlyweds like to use it for the formal parts of a wedding ceremony.


The song offers a wide range of wedding uses, from processionals to recessionals and more. All couples should include emotional songs in their wedding day music choices, and this one draws on romantic themes that are timeless. It is best saved for reception dancing, but can also be used for the send-off and wedding toasts. Where were List of love songs 2009 Just a little late You found me, you found me. The Black Eyed Peas supplied some of the most popular dance music of the decade, and this smash hit is one all couples will want to add to their wedding reception playlist.

It should be used to set the after-wedding festivities in motion and get everyone in a celebratory mood. Never Far Away — Marc Walsh Junereleased as a single Marc Walsh added this poignant song to his library of singles inand it is still a popular wedding day choice almost ten years later. It is a song that reflects the closeness that newlyweds share on their special day, and it can be the perfect dedication song from a groom to his bride. Urban is a master at writing heartfelt lyrics that capture emotions, and this song makes a simple statement that no one can love you better than your new partner.

Love Your Love The Most — Eric Church FebruaryCarolina Eric Church puts a down-home spin on this country single fromand the earthy nature of the lyrics will suit newlyweds that are all about country living.

It should be played as an interlude to cutting the wedding cake or perhaps as a first dance between the new couple. Gimmie That Girl — Joe Nichols OctoberOld Things New The edgy vocals of country star Joe Nichols bring life to this fun song that grooms will want to play for their bride at the wedding reception.

It is a song that sums up the special nature of the girl that one has chosen to become their forever partner. The lyrics are a celebration of all the things that make a bride special, so most couples like to use the song for a first dance.

The song marks how important it is to cling to the one you love through all the difficulties of life, and that is exactly the message List of love songs 2009 couples should present on your wedding day. He Could Be the One — Miley Cyrus JuneHannah Montana 3 Miley Cyrus was still recording as Hannah Montana when she released this song inand it has appeal to younger couples that are saying their wedding vows.

Brides like to save the song for the reception as a special dedication to their new partner, and it can also be used as an alternative wedding recessional. Most couples will use this song in their wedding as the bridal party is entering the wedding chapel, but it can also provide a beautiful interlude for the lighting of the unity candle. No Greater Love — Matt Maher SeptemberAlive Again Matt Maher released this modern Christian song inand it is a tune that draws upon the connection between marriage and spiritual values.

Couples the have a strong commitment to their religious faith often use this song as a part of the wedding processional. There is no greater love than this, no love but this Jesus Christ laid down His life for us There is no greater love than His, no love but His. There are many moments in a wedding ceremony when you want to make a special dedication to your new spouse, and this song will serve that purpose like few others.

In the Hands of God — The Newsboys MayIn the Hands of God Some couples prefer to keep the music selections for their wedding spiritual in nature, and this song from the Christian band The Newsboys combines religious lyrics with a modern feel.

It is a song that can be played to set a spiritual tone as your wedding guests are being seated. Most couples prefer to use the song for dancing at the reception, but it can also be added to the songs that play as guests at the wedding begin to arrive. As Love is My Witness — WestlifeWhere We Are Boy band Westlife continued their success with this powerful declaration of eternal love, and the song pleases newlyweds that grew up with the music of the new millennium.

Like many songs from Westlife, this one has a sentimentality that makes it suitable for many parts of the modern wedding ceremony. If you have a favorite wedding song from not on our list, be sure to comment on it below. Also, check out our list of the s love songs and a list of the best s wedding songs. Congratulations on your wedding of You share your anniversary with the following events. Thank you for visiting our — weddings of Wedding trends for are shaping up to be private, cozy affairs rather than the large weddings seen in years past.

Wedding trends

When it comes to planning a wedding, brides are choosing vibrant colors and time-tested ideas to celebrate and are envisioning ways for their guests to enjoy the festivities even more. Wedding trends of are based on many factors, influenced by the economy, the fashion world, and a penchant for personalization. Brides are incorporating intense colors into their whole scheme when planning a wedding — from dresses and bouquets to decorations and food, color boundaries are meant to be broken.

Metallics have also been spotted at some gatherings, but just practice caution how and where you add the glitz. Patterns like brocade, gingham, checks, polka dots, and toile are popping up at weddings across the country.

Coordinated with your colors effectively, you can use these patterns to drape over your reception tables or as chair covers. Many brides are choosing to go eco-friendly while planning their wedding events. Purchasing a secondhand wedding gown, growing and making your own flower centerpieces, using recycled paper products for your invitations, and serving organic food at your reception are all ways to promote your environmentally savvy ingenuity.

R&b love songs

You could even have a donation bucket for an environmental cause of your choice, asking guests to chip in as part of your wedding gift. Wedding trends for dresses are now emphasizing a vintage style with glamorous lines. Another of the more popular wedding trends is the mini dress — a short, above the knee de that lets you show off your legs ideal, of course, for a spring or summertime event. With a nod to the colorful wedding trends ofmany brides are planning a wedding and reception that reflects a preference for modern elegance and choosing dresses fashioned from brocade or charmeuse that are adorned with be, flowers, big bows, and embroidery.

Getting away from it all is the best respite after months spent planning a wedding! Traveling outside the country for your honeymoon is a thing of the past at least as far as brides of are concerned. Many couples have felt the pinch from the recession when planning a wedding and are deciding to stay closer to home not only to save money but to experience their own home turf. Honeymooning in the U. Of course, it all depends on what you prefer, how much you want to pay, and the sights you want to see.

How boring! Brides have realized through the course of planning a wedding that getting guests up and moving and more importantly mingling with each other is the key to a successful reception. While two-tier, elaborately decorated cakes still remain popular, more and more brides are opting for cupcakes, which can still make the desired statement.

Liner notes

You have the option of decorating the cupcakes differently or adding varied toppers — and best of all, they are the perfect portion size and create less mess especially for your pint-sized guests. Keeping with the vibrant jewel tones wedding trends, brides are choosing to serve dishes and sweet treats that are not only flavorful but colorful as well. Top wedding trends of was written by Cherie Johnson.

Before establishing Creative Wedding Favors, Cherie worked as a professional wedding photographer, capturing all the special moments of the nuptials and ceremony. Wedding Song Ideas Delivered Monthly! Scotty is a former musician and lead vocalist for Technological Breakdown, a Texas bar band. Today he writes about music and other subjects that he loves from his home in Louisiana.

Check out Scotty's wedding songs by year articles. I agree to the terms and conditions laid out in the Privacy Policy. Tsuzuku mirai mo Eien nizutto zutto zutto Hanarenai All my love for you As Love is My Witness — WestlifeWhere We Are Boy band Westlife continued their success with this powerful declaration of eternal love, and the song pleases newlyweds that grew up with the music of the new millennium.

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