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Welcome to one of the most accurate resources for finding top San Diego strip clubs. This is your place to find up-to-date information about all the strip clubs near me. You can choose a city at Best Strip Clubsand let us do the work for you.

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San Diego is known as "America's Finest City". It has beautiful beaches, good weather, and gorgeous women. They have gained a reputation for being a great place to stay and visit and they offer a variety of attractions and entertainment, especially for adults and people who are looking for sex.

As strip clubs have progressed, they have started to find other ways to bring people through their doors and many of San Diego's sex clubs and strip clubs offer food, drink specials and even sex parties and events. If you want an insider look at the best San Diego sex clubs, check out Sexsearch's guide below.

These theatres featured beautiful women performing stripteases on-stage and are considered to be the first versions of modern strip clubs. San Diego's burlesque scene boomed because it became the resting point for both the US navy and marines. These young men were looking for entertainment while they were stationed in the city. The most popular burlesque venue and one of San Diego's best early strip clubs were The Hollywood Theatre.

This theatre was packed with single military men who had come into San Diego looking for employment and stayed for the world-class entertainment options. One explanation why burlesque performances were so popular during the s, known as a period of great economic depression, was that it gave people something to think about other than their problems. During the s, burlesque theatres declined.

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Part of the reason for this was that the military moved out of San Diego and the second was the glitz and glamour that was found at the new nightclubs that were opening up. Many of the burlesque performers moved their performances to these nightclubs.

San Diego even had a burlesque tiki bar called Aloha which featured waitresses that used their femininity to entice sailors to buy drinks. Aloha ran from from and fell apart during the decline of the San Diego burlesque scene. Nightclubs and San Diego sex clubs grew in popularity during the s. The strip club and sex club movement in San Diego remained steady until the end of the s. There was even a study done in s that said that San Diego's adult entertainment, especially their strip clubs, made people happy and had a positive effect on the community Live sex show san diego the city's economy.

Inan adult ordinance was passed that put strict regulations on strip clubs which included no contact and no nudity unless it was on the main stage during a performance and San Diego's adult entertainment businesses suffered for a while because of this.

Today, the strip clubs and San Diego sex clubs that are left are some of the best places in the city to find quality performers and infinite pleasure. All of San Diego's strip clubs are open 7 days a week with reduced hours on Sundays and on weekdays.

They usually open up in the afternoon between 2 and 4 pm. Most places have no cover charge or Live sex show san diego fee during this time and this is the best time to visit these places if you want to save your money for the dancers. Many of the top San Diego sex clubs and sex parties open around 9 pm. Unlike strip clubs, sex clubs usually have a line-up of people who are looking to get in as soon as the doors open so if you want to try out these places, you should get there as early as possible.

San Diego sex clubs usually open up Fridays and Saturdays with special theme nights and events taking place on Thursdays usually but it's a good idea to check their event schedules to make sure that they are open before you head out. If you are looking for San Diego sex clubsyou need to know the layout of the city. Some of these places are out of the way or located in residential areas.

Many of them are located in plain industrial buildings and it's hard to tell what they are just from the outside. They have both large and small venues and most of them have private rooms and lounges available if you want an intimate dance. Make sure that you bring enough cash since some places don't accept credit cards and others have steep ATM service fees. As you can see, San Diego has a lot to offer. All their sex clubs and strip clubs are very welcoming and friendly to both couples and singles so you never have to worry about feeling out of place.

If you want to try out one of the top San Diego sex clubsmake sure to plan ahead and RSVP to their events to receive your invite.

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If you are heading to California or live in the area, make sure to make San Diego the next stop on your list. Still not satisfied? For more cities to visit on your next road trip, check out Sexsearch. Heading to Dallas? Want to find the top San Diego sex clubs and sex parties? Check out some of the finest sex clubs in this dynamic city by reading Sexsearch's guide.

Toggle. Cheetahs San Diego. Goldfinger's Gentleman's Club. Club San Diego.

San Diego Sex Clubs. Cheetahs San Diego Type. There's plenty to do at Cheetahs especially when it comes to showing some skin. That's because this place is fully nude which means there is no barrier between you and some of San Diego's best performers.

When it comes to drinks, Cheetahs has a variety of non-alcoholic drink options for you to choose from. They are open Monday-Sunday until 2 am and offer discounts for large groups just as long as you ask Live sex show san diego doorman beforehand or give the club a call before you go. Their weekend happy hour includes a free lunch buffet from pm and a discount entry from pm. Cheetahs is one of the San Diego's long-standing strip institutions and continues to be a very popular destination for both visitors and locals who are looking for some of the city's best adult entertainment.

Since it's located close to the freeway, it's easy to get to and it even has a sports bar next door. Expose Type. If you are looking for a fun and relaxing atmosphere, Expose is the place for you. From the time that the doors open at 12 pm until they close at 2 am, you can enjoy tantalizing performances at this strip club. You can also choose to have a bikini lap dance if you prefer those instead. There's no limit when it comes to Expose which is why it's such a popular destination. You can indulge in their 42 kinds of hookah flavors and their extensive range of cigars which are available for purchase.

Expose even has special events where they feature some of the porn industry's best stars who are showing off their moves. When it's not too busy, you can spend some time talking to the dancers.

They are very friendly and willing to chat as long as you buy a dance or two. Goldfinger's Gentleman's Club Type. Goldfinger's is a nude strip club and any night of the week you can find beautiful women dancing on the main stage and entertaining the crowd. They even have more than one girl performing on stage at the same time if you want to double your fun. You can check out the main performances on stage or pay a little extra to get a private lapdance from your favorite dancer. They offer both private and semi-private dances which are blocked off from the rest of the room by privacy curtains.

They even have VIP suites available if you don't mind spending a little more money for a more leg room and a more personal experience. You can even check out the dancer profiles on the website for a taste of what Goldfinger's has to offer.

San diego sex clubs

Goldfinger's has a very casual atmosphere which includes the dresscode. You will find guys in business suits heading home from work or even jeans and shirts depending on the time and the night. Since they are a fully nude strip club, there is no alcohol allowed but they do have sodas and juices to keep you hydrated. They also offer discounts for military and law enforcement so make sure that you bring your ID with you to get a deal. Crave Type. Crave is a membership only club and they host some of the hottest couples and singles from San Diego. They host a of themed sex and swinger's parties for their members to explore their sexuality in a comfortable environment.

Their venue offers plenty of play rooms to indulge in your kinkiest fantasies and desires.

To get invited to their events, you need to apply for a membership through their website and once you are accepted by the owners, you get access to some of the most exclusive San Diego sex parties. The venue is 2 floors including a viewing lounge which plays non-stop porn on the first floor and public and private play spaces upstairs. If you want to take a break or want to get warmed up, you can hang out by the pool tables or check out the nightclub downstairs and dance to some of the latest hits by the best in-house DJs.

They have private rooms for members to spend the night in just in case they get caught up in all the fun and aren't ready to leave. The event is BYOB but they also have a bar available with mixers If you want something a little more hardcore, you can check out the fetish room. Thad's Type. Thad's is one of the best on-premise San Diego sex clubs for couples and singles. They have been in business for over 30 years and are one of the most attractive sex clubs for beginners or people who are looking to see what San Diego has to offer.

Thad's has both private and group rooms for playing as well as a couples only area which is located upstairs. There are no single guys allowed in this area including threesomes with a single man. They provide towels and condoms and are a BYOB event which means that you will have bring your own alcohol if you Live sex show san diego a drink. If you are looking to mix your alcohol with something, they have a bar with cups and ice as well as soft drinks and juices. There are no street clothes allowed anywhere inside. Men are expected to be completely nude and women can either wear something revealing and sexy like lingerie or fetishwear.

Every party has a different entrance fee so make sure that you check the event details before you go so that you can bring enough cash with you. Their sex parties are invite-only and if you want an invite, you have to call the club Wednesday-Saturday between pm. If the line is busy, just call back until you get someone. Club San Diego Type.