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Mombasa sex tourism

Jump to. Redempta Kabahweza, giving psychosocial support to abused children. Malindi, Kenya — Along the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, leaving footprints on Kenya's white sandy beaches, aging white men and women stroll arm in arm with local girls and boys young enough to be their grandchildren.

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They threw me out of my home and I dropped out of school, so me and my boyfriend at the time decided we would move to Mombasa to start a new life here. After three months he left me, and I had to find a way to make money.

There are no jobs around here, and I had no money. I had to buy food to feed my growing baby. According to the Kenyan Tourism Board, 1.

The UNICEF report says that out of all the girls interviewed for its survey, 76 percent felt that commercial sex was an acceptable way of making money. They walk around and show themselves off.

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Forced With so many tourists on the coast, and so few other jobs available, for some there is little option other than to the sex trade. The programme runs youth-focused media events such as radio shows, monthly magazines, and a website. Its aim is to lobby decision makers, and enable youth to discuss issues affecting their lives, such as their involvement in sex work. It happens quite a lot. Sometimes mothers, who are also involved in sex work, bring their daughters into it too. The children of sex workers are very much at risk.

They are abused by the customers that come to see their mothers; sometimes the girls are also Mombasa sex tourism to serve the men. There are children who are staying in families that are very poor. High Earnings Although earnings in the sex trade can vary widely, potential income is much greater than if working in any other profession.

House help is very badly paid. It is tourism, and more importantly the tourists themselves, that bring these young girls to Mombasa. Due to the tightening of laws in places like Asia, many of the mzungu tourists who go abroad to abuse underage girls are now flocking to Kenya, where laws are seen as lax.

However, it is with these mzungu tourists that the girls can earn the most money, so they have become their preferred clients. But the mzungus are the ones with the money.

He was buying me drinks and we eventually agreed that I would go back to his place. We had already agreed a price, but after I had sex with him, he refused to pay me. He said that he had been buying me drinks, and that was my payment. The US Census Bureau projected that there are currently more than 1.

This often le to them dropping out of school, and lack of education. However, in many cases, their circumstances often force them to have unprotected sex, as sex tourists offer more money for sex without a condom. However, the girls are not accepted in the local community, making their lives even harder.

Others however, including Alice, regard the negative attitude of the local people as merely an occupational hazard. The Future Figures on the of young women involved in prostitution are difficult to calculate accurately because of the subversive nature of the industry itself. However, the International Labour Organisation estimates that there are some 30, girls under the age of 19 engaged in prostitution within Kenya. The Kenyan government has introduced measures which are meant to protect young girls and boys from prostitution.

They have however been harshly criticised in the past for being lax in their approach to implementing the laws.

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Some think the law is mainly to protect the reputation of the government rather than the women themselves. Nevertheless some laws and acts have been passed through parliament. There is also the Criminal Law Amendment Act ofwhich penalises rape and attempted rape with life imprisonment, and states that ignorance of the age of the female victim is irrelevant in establishing culpability. Furthermore, the Penal Code includes offences such as child abuse, sexual exploitation and child prostitution, with sentences for those convicted rising to life imprisonment.


Yet despite this progress Akinyi feels that there is a lot more the government could do. She added that more needs to be done to spread awareness of the Code and the sexual offences act, which stated that a person can be prosecuted for a crime that is viewed as an offence in two countries.

The Act means that the sexual offender can be prosecuted in Kenya and in his home country. The girls themselves do hope one day to move out of the bangaisha business. However, the competitive nature of the work means that most of the money the girls earn goes on attracting clients.

The problem is the money you earn, you end up spending to buy clothes to look good, and on doing your hair. Organisations like SOLWODI, which since and despite limited funding, have managed to rescue more than 5, young women from the commercial sex business.

Nevertheless, without further implementation of programmes like the Code, and with the ever-present pressures of poverty, unemployment and AIDS, coupled with the relatively high earnings to be made in commercial sex work, the road to the abolition of youth commercial sex workers on the Kenyan coast appears to be a very long one. Please send queries on copyright or liability to the UN. The New Humanitarian is an independent, non-profit newsroom founded in We deliver quality, reliable journalism about crises and big issues impacting the world today.

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