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Movie date outfit

Movie Date Outfits.

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How to dress for a movie date

Please read our full disclosure here. They dress for themselves, and of course, each other.

Picking an outfit for a date is always so stressful! You never know what to wear or whether it is too fancy or too casual.

When going on a dinner and movie date you want to look cute for the restaurant but also be comfortable when sitting in the movie theater for hours. There is a no better way to be comfortable than by wearing your favorite pair of jeans.

As you probably know, jeans can be styled in a million different ways. For your date, I suggest wearing them with booties and a stylish top. This combines the comfort of the jeans and a stylish yet easy-to-wear shoe.

Here I included straight leg jeans, which are fine for all but the fanciest restaurants. A dress is a classic for a dinner and a movie date. You can pair this dress with sneakers for a low-key feel, or with heeled sandals for a dressier date. To get the most use out of your summer dresses, why not add a turtleneck underneath for the winter months?

This dress would look so cute with a cream turtleneck, neutral trench and matching booties coming into the fall.

What are your favorite dinner and movie date outfit ideas?

Another option besides a dress is a cute, on-trend midi skirt. You can pair this fun orange skirt with a pretty crop top to dress it up for evening-wear.

And of course, you can never go wrong with a cool pair of low booties to amp up the outfit and add some edge. If you wanted to go more formal, you could do a sleeker heeled ankle bootie or a pump instead. This use of proportion adds dimension to even the most basic of outfits, so start experimenting!

All you need to do is put on your jumpsuit and pick out a pair of shoes. Black jumpsuits are a particularly good investment item and an interesting alternative to an LBD. After all, you can make many pairs of shorts work for evening by adding a dressy top and a cool shoe. This look is what I imagine Blair Waldorf would wear on date night in The preppy shorts and shoes, organza-detail blouse and on-trend headgear tick all of her sartorial boxes. This combination is elegant but still suitable for a casual dinner, and is easy to relax in while watching your movie.

Dates are meant to be fun and a chance to explore romance with your partner rather than spending an hour worrying about an outfit. Wear clothes that you enjoy wearing because it shows your personality.

Hopefully, these ideas help give you ideas for your next date night with your ificant other. Happy shopping! If you want another casual layer to add to the mix, I love a denim jacket for the summer months.

What are your favorite dinner and movie date outfit ideas?