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Olive dell ranch colton ca

On the street of Keissel Road and street is To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone is

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Directions to olive dell!

Hi Nick, great review as usual! Regrettably, they have not yet managed to control the clouds. As far as I recall it was a pretty sunny weekend, but maybe we have the blurry memories to blame for that. Good review.

Have visited Olive Dell many times when Ralph was the owner. Lots of good memories.

Luau with a real pig. Hiking the trails.

Line dancing lessons. Mingling with the residents. It was great there, very friendly people Bobby and guests.

Location & routing

Very good restaurant, good trails, all was very clean, nice bird house. The only we missed was dancing on Saterday evening, instead of Bingo.

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Cafe delicious, run by the olive dell family and renowned for it’s outstanding home cooking!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. And boy what a blast did we have! Imagine a couple of blues-rock bands, some magicians, a huge ribs barbecue, cheap booze, lots of sunshine, and a bunch of people who were ready to get this party started.

Other than that it was also a happy reunion with people we had met before, a bunch of NitOC members who had accompanied during events, and Rolf and Cynthia, the fabulous owners of Arroyo del Sol were all there to enjoy the festival. Without realizing, we had probably passed by within miles from the Olive Dell Ranch without even knowing it. The place is conveniently located in Colton near San Bernardino which has an easy connection with most of the major freeways in Southern California.

Olive dell nudist ranch

Accommodation at the Olive Dell Ranch is simple, either you bring your own camper or tent or you stay in a birdhouse. Pretty cool, right? Yes, the Olive Dell has a very nice swimming pool and yes, they also have a very nice hot tub. Their sauna is worth a mention although the weather was too nice for us to spend any time sweating in a small wooden cabin but one of their best facilities next to the bar with a pool table and cheap alcohol was probably their restaurant.

Olive dell ranch

And large! After working our way through one of those we had to lay down in the grass for about half an hour wishing that we were not too ashamed to ask a doggy bag for half a burger. After several nice views of the resort from the nearest hill we gave up. And it works!

There was a nice couple running the bar in the afternoon and the lovely lady providing the drinks in the evening. Every time she made the same joke by multiplying the price of the beer by and every time it did put a smile on our faces. As mentioned in the introduction, our visit to the Olive Dell somehow felt like a summary of the four weeks before, people wise that is.

But other than those we had already met, we were welcomed instantly by the other guests.

Where to stay at olive dell ranch

At the Olive Dell, everybody is the friend of everybody else and it felt like one big naked family. Another funny thing that happened was that several of the other guests already knew us from our website or social media profiles. This list can go on and on, there were the climbers, the couple from Florida, the couple with the Tequila, the band members, the lady who did an impressive Janis Joplin, and plenty of others.

A bed can be as soft as you want, the food can be the best quality in the world and the swimming pool can be as Olympic as possible, but in the end, the memories at least to us come from the company.

And the company at the Olive Dell was amazing and this made it a unique experience. Disclaimer: We have been invited as guests of Olive Dell Ranch, but of course all opinions are our own.

Olive dell ranch nudist resort

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How to get to olive dell ranch

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