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Photographer for inshape males

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The project is open to men including trans men over 21, of all races and ethnicities, body types, weight etc.

A male nude photo series by abigail ekue photography

Men are free to express their manhood, their own brand of masculinity. Approaching me, the project and the shoot with respect and professionalism will score you a lot of points. The opposite, will not. DO NOT send me nude photographs or dick pics with your request to participate.

DO NOT send me nude photographs or dick pics for critique.

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DO NOT send me nude photographs or dick pics. Hairy, bald, body art, piercings, modifications are all fine.

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I do request good personal hygiene. If you sweat a lot when you're nervous or stressed, wear deodorant. Utilize toilet paper, baby wipes, a bidet after using the toilet. Brush your teeth. I cannot stress enough the importance of good personal hygiene. Men receive 30 images, on average. Three 3 8x12 photo prints - one of your choosing - from your photo shoot. Once you make your print selection, I select 2 photos. The shoots are done in the men's homes so there is a level of comfort and familiarity. Shoots can also be done outside of the man's home in an agreed upon location.

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If you're comfortable outdoors, we can do that too and as long as local public nudity laws allow. Studio shoots are not the focus of this series. The only people at the photo shoot will be you and I. I don't work with assistants at this time.

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If someone happens to be home at the same time, in another room, that's totally acceptable. If you have pets, we'll have a good laugh at their photobombs. Shoots take about 60 minutes to an hour and a half 90 minutes. I do my best to get images to you within a week 7 days. Sometimes it takes longer especially if I'm traveling.

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Select images from your shoot, not allwill be part of the Bare Men series - on this website and in the book s. Images may also appear in photo exhibits though that is at the discretion of individual curators. Be aware that not every man who has participated in the series will appear in exhibits.

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Images that adhere to social media nudity guidelines may also appear on my s. Photos may also be used to promote the series. Do not alter images, add filters or remove copyright information or watermarks. The Bare Men series is about men baring all. Participants are willing to pose nude, in a public way.

I understand that it's not for everybody. Contact me or visit the Abigail Ekue Photography website for information on private nude and erotic photo shoots. Some participants are fine with that and we continue to shoot. Each man does what he is comfortable with during the photo shoot. Don't compare yourself with other men in the series.

Erotic images are NOT required. If you would like to bring Bare Men to your city or town, feel free to contact me about that too. Thank you! However, it has been updated and released in ebook format as a 3-part Chapters series. The updated e-edition features all the men in the series to date. Bare Men: January to June contains images, a high percentage of which are erotic and was published in conjunction with the exhibit at the Erotic Heritage Museum. Bare Men artwork shown at exhibits are available as 6x9, 8x12, 10x15 and 11x17 prints.

Why is it that the naked female body is considered a thing of beauty, yet the naked male body is Photographer for inshape males comical, or threatening? These men literally bare it all to beat the stigma. Who may be a part of Bare Men? How do I prepare for a shoot? How much does it cost? Men receive 30 images, on average Three 3 8x12 photo prints - one of your choosing - from your photo shoot.

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Where will we do the photo shoot? Who will be at the photo shoot? How long does the photo shoot take?

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How long before I get my images? What are you going to do with the images you take of me? Can I share photos from our Bare Men photo shoot? What happens if I get excited during the photo shoot? Get Started on Becoming a Bare Man. Where can I get a copy of the Bare Men book? What if I don't want a book but still want to collect Bare Men art? First Name. Last Name. Address. Up.