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Have you been having difficulty with an angry or unruly teen in your home? Has your troubled boy or girl been expelled from school, or gotten into trouble with authorities?

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Students from Rockville, who wish to enroll in our program, will be required to travel and temporarily relocate to Utah. Established among the beautiful red mountains of Southern Utah, and with a combined experience of over eighty years of wilderness therapy, the WinGate staff understand the complexities of how to properly treat troubled teens.

This treatment is accomplished by supporting and directing them in the learning of a new path and direction for life. Although not a Boot Camp, WinGate is a preferred alternative to these programs. What most parents don't know is that "Boot Camps" began years ago as "shock incarceration" programs for only adults, deed for "first-time" offenders.

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The intention of the boot camp experience was to make the "time served" so shocking and abhorrent, the offender would be "scared straight" into model behavior, to avoid another sentence. In the end, authorities recognized that boot camps, using "military-style" discipline, not only did not workbut oftentimes worsened the problem.

It is critical for all parents considering a boot camp for their child, to investigate other viable alternatives for the rehabilitation of their teen. Wilderness adventure programs, such as ours, are considerably more productive when transformation and restoration are the objectives. WinGate Wilderness Therapy is recognized nationally as a premier "therapeutic transitional living" wilderness program. Here we teach both independent living skills and personal ability, leading to a lasting life of health and balance for our teen campers.

You can expect the finest from our compassionate and experienced staff, here at WinGate. Our research-validated approach to wilderness-based treatment causes our work to WORK! The peaceful, distraction-free atmosphere of our wilderness area benefits even the most "treatment-resistant" and "rebellious" adolescents. Our purpose is to bring forth peace and restore emotional health. The goal is to see your struggling boy or girl transition into adulthood, living independently as a healthful individual. You can reach us immediately at We are here to help you and your struggling child today.

Out of sheer desperation, some parents will turn to teen boot camps in an attempt to protect their teen from incarceration or even the possibility of death. However, before sending a teenager to a boot camp facility, one Rockville Maryland utah girl do their homework on boot camps vs. Like most facilities and programs, not all boot camps are created equal.

Boot camps for teens from rockville, md

You should know that there have been numerous incidents of death among the "less than adequate" boot camps. The tragic combination of corporal punishment administered by poorly trained staff, sadly, has led to the deaths of several teens while attending a boot camp. This accreditation and affiliation is a resource and beacon to both parents and professionals that WinGate provides the highest quality services to the students and families we serve.

In essence, our hope and goal is to help shape a Rockville Maryland utah girl of peace," which replaces the "heart of war. These moments are uninterrupted by the usual day-to-day disruptions and distractions found at a traditional residential treatment program setting. The wilderness atmosphere produces for our counselors, twenty-four hours a day, the epitome of experiential treatment blended with both individual and group therapy sessions conducted by our staff of therapists.

In "military training camp" fashion, teen boot camps are created to teach both structure and discipline to "wayward" young people. This "instruction" is generally performed through the application of "military-style" control which includes strenuous physical activity.

The objective of boot camp staffers is to "challenge the camper" with the "hope" of instilling confidence and self-reliance. However, it's critical for parents to recognize that boot camps have recently come under severe criticismby mental health authorities and practitioners, for being "too harsh while not addressing the juvenile's underlying psychological issues via proper counseling and therapy. We have come to know that participants in "wilderness treatment" possess a greater capacity for attention, thus enabling a more focused and thriving process for healing.

We witness our students growing closer to their peers while developing a stronger bond with the counselors as well. The peaceful environment of the outdoors enables the students to gain more quickly an insight into theirunhealthy behaviors, allowing them to make proper and adequate changes.

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These nurturing, yet challenging conditions, allows our students to gain perspective, grow up, and achieve an improved level of maturity all while addressing behavioral obstacles and issues. In the past, a few private boot camps and military academies have offered "scholarship" or "grant" programs for families in need of financial assistance. However, these "grant" programs usually turn out to be "loans," disguised as "financial aid," to be paid back in monthly installments.

What's more, most of these boot camp programs are extinct and are therefore hard to find.

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In short, free boot camps for troubled teens typically do not exist. However, there are state-funded boot camps that can be utilized only if your teen has been or is in the state juvenile system. Although state-funded boot camps may be the only financially viable option for some families, this option causes serious drawbacks worth considering. Therapeutic healing and counseling are certainly not emphasized at Juvenile Boot Camps. The boot camp staffers are not d nor are they trained to administer guidance for the "emotional issues" and "psychological disorders" that are normally at the root of all behavioral problems in adolescents.

These boot camps offer only discipline and authoritarian control. In the end, boot camps resemble "jails" more than "therapeutic interventions.

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At WinGate Wilderness Therapy, we include the parents and family in your struggling teen's progress and therapy. Over the years, we have served thousands of boys and girls from Rockville, MD and from all over the country. Our track record has demonstrated to cause that are life changing. We know that troubled teens can become healthy, independent adults, and can develop as strong people motivated for success.

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Call WinGate Wilderness Therapy today at Department of Health and Human Services leading public health efforts for the purposes of advancing the behavioral health of the country. With overstaff members, and their 2, plus member organizations, NCBH serves more than 8 million of our country's most vulnerable citizens.

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WinGate Wilderness Therapy is committed to helping your troubled teen from Rockville, MD regain a healthy and effective life. We work with teens who are dealing with drug or alcohol addiction, emotional problems and behavioral issues. Our success rate is affirmed by the large of testimonials we receive from both parents and teens who have experienced changed lives while in the wilderness. Your troubled teen might be able to be helped at Santie Groupbut that might not be the best answer for your son or daughter.

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Unfortunately, Rockville, MD is no different from many other cities in the growing plague of drug abuse and the other events that often follow the increase in drug use. At WinGate we understand, and can help you in these difficult times.

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WinGate Wilderness Therapy at Troubled teens from Rockville, MD may be dealing with life-destroying problems. Their behavior can also create chaos and confusion in the family.

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WinGate Wilderness Therapy is the ideal program for bringing your teen and family back to normal. Our entire program is deed to produce positive and continuing life-changing and life-long in the troubled teen. Call WinGate Wilderness Therapy right now at to get the help your troubled teen needs. It might be hard to start the process, but the will help your son or daughter get back on track for living a worthwhile and rewarding life.

To speak privately with one of our trained Family Advocates about a loved one who could benefit from the life changing treatment WinGate Wilderness has to offer. Please call: Or complete the form below and one of our advocates will reach out to you.

Teen boot camps

We do not share your information. You may us directly if you prefer?

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Us. Or, you may call us directly at: Boot Camps For Kids From Rockville, MD Out of sheer desperation, some parents will turn to teen boot camps in an attempt to protect their teen from incarceration or even the possibility of death. Teen Boot Camps In "military training camp" fashion, teen boot camps are created to teach both structure and discipline to "wayward" young people. Juvenile Boot Camps In the past, a few private boot camps and military academies have offered "scholarship" or "grant" programs for families in need of financial assistance.

Please call: Or complete the form below and one of our advocates will reach out to you.

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First name. Last name. address. Phone. Reason for your inquiry? Your relationship to? Are you aware of treatment costs? How will you pay for treatment? Best method of contact? Best time to contact you? Us Or, you may call us directly at: Thank you for your interest!

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