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Sexy mature celebs

Staying fit after 40 isn't easy.

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She's turning 70 and is as stunning as can be!

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Christie brinkley and these 50 celebs prove you can get more beautiful with age

We chart the A-list women who, like a fine wine, just get better and better with age Teri Hatcher Age: 49 Why We Love Her: She's knocking on the door of 50 but one of our favourite Desperate Housewives is taking this ageing business in her stride - she looks absolutely brilliant. Helen Mirren Age: 69 Why We Love Her: Helen Mirren still manages to dazzle on the red carpet and have a legion of adoring male fans, proved when her Arthur co-star Russell Brand planted a smacker on her lips at the London premiere last year. While those toned arms are an inspiration to women the world over.

Click on for more stars who have been blessed with incredible genes. The purveyor of early-Noughties poker straight hair, she's one of our all-time beauty icons - and it's not hard to see why.

Elizabeth hurley, 51

Plus, she had a whole haircut named after her characterwhich automatically qualifies for the idol stakes. This is the ultimate 90s girl-next-door; with that shock of amazing curly hair, a Southern lilt and mega-watt smile Gwen Stefani Age: 45 Why We Love Her: When Gwen first burst onto the scene in the mids, we fell head over heel for her too-cool-for-school attitude and anarchic sense of style.

Plus, have you seen that body? Salma Hayek Age: 48 Why We Love Her: This fiery Latino temptress has had us hooked since the mids with that main of glossy chestnut hair and deep smoky eyes. Could we admire her anymore?! Can you believe it?! Moore is over years-old.

The most stunning women in hollywood over 70

Playing a Sicilian matriarch, Bellucci smoulders her way to fashion dynamite. Ti amo! As well as being a darned good actress, her perfect blonde and perennially bobbed hair, as well as that killer-watt s smile have meant that the years have been more than kind.

Her ethereal and quintessentially Gallic beauty has also made her one of our all-time girl crushes. Jerry Hall Age: 57 Why We Love Her: Thanks to her gloriously ature long blonde locks, Texan model Jerry Hall continues to be one of the most beautiful models to have ever graced the fashion industry.

Claudia Schiffer Age: 43 Why We Love Her: German supermodel Claudia Schiffer is the blue-eyed, blonde-haired hotty of the 90s, who still manages to get our pulse-racing with her ageless beauty and killer school-run style. Daniel Craig. At 41, she looks just as fresh-faced and beautiful as when she first appeared on our screens in Hollywood hit The Mummy in In short, we want to be her. That glossy brown hair, perfect pout and creamy complexion mean Christy is still top of her game.

Uma Thurman Age: 44 Why We Love Her: Whether she dons a black-bobbed wig a la Pulp Fiction, or lets her naturally fair locks shine through, Uma is a beauty inspiration of the highest order. Indeed, she deserves a mention for here for her unfailing ability to good so look damned good on that red carpet. Davina, we salute you. Always staying one step ahead of the curve she was already onto the dip-dye hair in SJP is as fearless with her beauty and hair looks as she is with her wardrobe.

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Sabrina Elba on fighting for racial justice, life with Idris, and their gender neutral skincare line. Sabrina Elba on fighting for racial justice, life with Idris, and their gender neutral skincare line Whatever they're putting on their faces, we want in An empowering new campaign shows members of the transgender and non-binary community using period underwear, because 'menstruation has no gender' "We want everyone to feel welcome during menstruation".