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Sexy men at 50

No matter if you are 25 or 55, taking care of your looks is important for any Man. You may be wondering how to look good at the age of 50? We have the solution for you.

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All rights reserved. A two-time Sexiest Man Alive winner who has only improved with age, year old actor George Clooney was a shoo-in for this list. When you think about sexy musicians the word cellist generally doesn't come to mind. But that didn't stop Yo-Yo Ma, the world-famous cellist and year-old father of four from making the list.

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Do men really age like a fine wine — the older they get, the better? We can't be sure that's true for all of 'em, but there are a heck of a lot of hunky actors over the age of In honor of Daniel Craig ing the esteemed fine-and club on March 2,Wonderwall. Keep reading to see them all….

Steve Carell certainly got better with age! Though we might not have believed it while watching him as Michael Scott on "The Office," these days, Steve is a serious movie star and a silver fox at Do you even care how old Rob Lowe is anymore? Check out that smolder! If you're even still reading this, he's Sure, Dennis Quaid has aged a bit since starring in the baseball movie "The Rookie," but we think it's made him more refined.

The 21 sexiest men over 50

The year-old actor has just gotten more handsome over the years. Home run! According to Denzel Washingtonthis is what 64 looks like. The actor doesn't seem to age ever, at all. He really looks the same as he did when he got his start as a drama star.

A lot has changed since John Travolta wooed us in a white suit in the flick "Saturday Night Fever. Listen up, ladies! At 55, Brad Pitt is single, and you know it won't last long. Get out there! Whether he's cleaned up in a suit jacket or rocking out on a stage, Jon Bon Jovi looks darn good at There's no need for him to be "Livin' on a Prayer" hoping to keep his good looks. Colin Firth is oh-so dapper even at 58!

The British actor just has a classic look that we find very attractive. Do you think Keanu Reeves got a secret age-defying potion from "The Matrix"?

Because boy, does he look just as hunky now as he did in the flick. He's now 54! Despite being a married father of twins, George Clooney will always have a spot in our hearts. The salt-and-pepper hunk seems to be getting more handsome by the day, even at At 56 years old, Tom Cruise isn't slowing down work-wise or looks-wise.

The superstar can still do just as many action stunts and make us swoon in the process. Can you believe Robert Downey Jr. The goofy, sexy star just seems to be getting more attractive with each passing year. Even at 69, Bruce Springsteen is still the boss!

The "Born in the U. A" singer has definitely still got it. Antonio Banderas is 58 and still gets our heart racing.

Not surprisingly, the stunning Spanish star is currently dating someone 20 years his junior. At 70, Samuel L. Jackson still has style, swagger and some pretty good genes. No wonder the Marvel franchise star's wife, LaTanya Richardson, has kept him close since !

In the romance movie "Notting Hill," Hugh Grant stood in front of Julia Roberts and recited the famous line: "I'm just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him. Sean Penn might be 58, but he proves that age really is just a .

34 handsome guys who’ll redefine your concept of older men

The star's ruggedly handsome features make us totally forget about what decade he's pushing. Even on his way to the airport, Pierce Brosnan seems to always carry himself with that "James Bond" swagger. And get this — he's Richard Gere is the definition of a silver fox, right? Well, we sure think that at 69, the "Pretty Woman" actor is super-foxy. There's just something so broodingly sexy about year-old Liam Neeson. And the "Taken" star's baby blues don't hurt either.

Another hunky Kevin … Kevin Costner! Not much has changed since he played Whitney Houston's protector in "The Bodyguard" in We'd let him Sexy men at 50 out for us even at Michael Keaton, 67, is quite fetching on his own, but those glasses just add an extra oomph we're all about. The "Birdman" star should wear 'em more often. Oh, and he's Kevin Bacon danced away with our hearts in the movie "Footloose," and he's still making us dizzy with that structured jawline at Do you think Lenny Kravitz cares that he's 54 years old? We don't think so. The sexy rocker seems to just focus on being the coolest thing ever on stage with his guitar at any age.

Over 50 and still hot

At 60, Alec Baldwin is a father of five! He has four children with his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, plus he's got an older daughter from a marriage. But his big brood hasn't aged the star for the worse. Bruce Willis is yet another older hunky star with a younger, hotter wife. And hey, good for him!

The year-old actor is married to the gorgeous Emma Heming. Okay, maybe Tom Hanks didn't look so hot while playing a man stranded on a desert island in "Cast Away" back in But in real life, he has a pretty handsome look about him even at 62 years old.

Sorry, Wilson. Maybe playing a "Gladiator" helped Russell Crowe stay young and handsome — because even at 54, he's still looking the part. Conquer on…. It takes one good-lookin' man to make ladies swoon while playing a villainous pirate. And guess what, matey? Johnny Depp did just that in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.

Hottest hunks over 50

The year-old actor can make almost anyone's heart skip a few beats in or out of character. Share Tweet Pin .

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