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Signs she playing mind games

If handled wrong, any chance of her ever seeing you as more than a friend will be destroyed. Talk is cheap and most of us are, unintentionally, full of it.

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And these tests are almost always done with the intention of being in control of the relationship. You like this particular girl, who refuses to neither move in nor move back. She sends all the right als, but when you try and respond to them she just pulls back. This isn't always just a matter of her trying to present herself as a challenge.

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Perhaps you're worried that she's playing with your emotions and has no intentions of taking things further. This is a horrible situation to be stuck in. No wonder you're looking for more information to clarify things.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to tell if a woman is only interested in playing with your emotions - and I have listed the most effective methods below. But, before we begin, I want to reveal the most surefire way of finding out what's going on behind the scenes with this mysterious woman.

If you really want to know whether a woman is interested in you, I recommend you use this powerful online communications tracker. First, you'll need to enter a few of this woman's most basic details, then you can sit back and wait. In the background, this tool will be collecting information about her most recent communications.

This tool will paint a clear picture about this woman's situation and whether you're the only guy in her life. No danger of her finding out what's going on. Contrary to the long-held stereotype that men are the ultimate players, some women would give you a run for your money if there was a contest.

How to tell if a girl is playing with your emotions? Words are greatbut they are not always the most reliable way to get the truth out of a person. Actions, on the other hand, can say a lot, and more clearly too if you know what to look for.

However, if you find yourself having to do this a lot for your girl or the following points sound like I'm describing her, she's probably playing with your emotions. The rules here are simple; when a woman loves or likes you, she reaches out.

One who is playing with your emotions, on the other hand, waits for you to call every time, except for when she wants something.

She le you on by telling you what she thinks you want to hear, sometimes even backing it up with false promises to have the best of times. And just when she has you looking forward to a fantastic evening, she cancels at the last minute. Because newsflash: we do. Of all s, this one may make you feel you hit the jackpot at first.

However, it becomes a source of worry when you start to catch feelings, and she still wants nothing more than to hook up. Did she also promise to do better if you could be a little more patient with her? Ring a bell? Being behind a screen helps us convey exactly what we want the person on the other end to believe. You may also notice that your conversations are limited to your relationship, not much about you personally or herself. Does your girl know nothing about your job and how you spend your spare time? Maybe she knows the position you hold at work and that you enjoy playing video games, but only because they came up in conversation since she never asks.

It might be money, sex, or even your work. Whatever that stuff is in your case, she only lights up when you bring it up and goes dim the rest of the time. The need for personal space in a relationship is a genuine one, one that can lead to something lasting and healthy if you know how to keep the balance.

However, the problem with someone who is only playing is that they do not care much for this balance. If you only talk, meet, make plans, or have sex on her terms, it might be time to consider whether she even sees you as an equal.

Does she flirt with other guys in the same way that attracted you to her? Does she insist on seeing other people or doing things that make you green with jealousy? However, as you progress from strangers to seeing more of each other, things are supposed to ease up, not the other way round. Like I said earlier, women who play games usually do so in multiplayer mode, and putting you on her social media just complicates things with other prospects.

She doesn't say no to your advances but is also always careful not to say yes. Does she make you feel like her emotional rock when she needs someone to talk to but is in no rush to return the favor? Another problem is that these acts don't seem to mean as much to her as they do to you. There are probably other guys she calls for the same service.

The s can sometimes be as familiar as her never being comfortable with plans that go beyond a week. If this sounds like your girlfriend, you might want to clear the air asap. Are you daddy in the sheets but just one of her friends outside? This may be due to other reasons, but if you notice it alongside other s, she may indeed be toying with your emotions. The best way to know if somebody is only trifling with your emotions is to notice how invested they are in their relationship with you.

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She wants you to notice her without acting desperate. A girl who is afraid of her feelings for you might start an emotional conversation then change the subject. She wants to talk to you more frequently and begins to open up more than usual. He holds you in high regard, dotes on your every word, and respects your boundaries. A guy who is confused about his feelings might be close to you for a time then suddenly become distant. He may call more often and when you start to return the attention, he reaches out less. He may also be a little less composed than usual around you.

Now you know how to tell if a girl is playing with your emotions. If you liked the article, please leave a comment and let someone else benefit from it by sharing. Is there a woman in your life giving you mixed als?

2. you’re questioning yourself more.

Does she often leave you wondering whether she's actually serious about dating you? You'll learn: who she's calling and texting the most is there another guy on the scene? This is the quickest and most effective way to see through and games she may be playing. However, if you prefer, I have listed some more telltale s below. She only reaches out first when she needs something 1. She doesn't ever suggest that you hang out together 1. She keeps postponing meetups 1.

She's unavailable, a lot 1. She never initiates sex 1. She only wants sex 1. She only acts right when faced with the possibility of losing you 1. You're seeing other people 1. She insists on keeping her options open 1. She's a better partner over the phone than in person 1.

She keeps the conversation on the surface with you 1.

Ways to tell if your girl is two-timing you, isn't in it for the long-haul, and isn't worth your time.

Your girl has no interest in what you do 1. She keeps you away from her friends and family 1. She's all about her space 1. She holds more power in your arrangement 1. She keeps score 1. She occasionally does things that make you jealous 1.

She acts hot and cold 1. She gets jealous when you get too close to another girl 1.

These are the games you don’t want to play.

You're insecure with her 1. She enjoys getting her ego stroked by other men 1. She never posts you on social media 1. You never come first with her 1. You don't know where you stand with her 1. More confusion on where you stand 1. Romantic expressions from her are scarce 1. She doesn't do long term plans 1.

1. you never know where you stand.

She doesn't care to meet your friends and family 1. She's a different person with you in public 1. How do you know if someone is playing with your emotions?