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Thai farang baby

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By LaoPoAugust 3, in Family and children. I am a bit surprised at how many 'd' are content with not knowing and raising that's not their own? I know I couldn't do it unless I had children already and had 'sowed my seeds'. I know from personal experience.

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By LaoPoAugust 3, in Family and children.

Having a Thai Farang Baby - How do you know it's yours? Too many parents, most of the time the men within the relationship, are not aware that the baby is NOT theirs but also: most of the time the mothers DO know In another thread where the husband was murdered in Pattaya in it was found out that the woman he married, and who had already a baby which he adopted had a 3rd baby after they both had their own; her 2nd baby. In another case, it is known by me and friends that an older -mid fifties- Farang married a 30 years younger Thai girl who already had.

He takes good care of this child and considers her to be his own child he was childless during his earlier lifetime and never married as well.

I am trying to find out HOW someone knows it is his or her child or do most men prefer to let it be? In my own circles, in Farang-land, I know of two cases that the babies were not the fathers' within the marriage. He left in complete shock. Many years ago a woman in a city nearby where I live, delivered twins; her husband was present also.

The problem was that the twins were Chinese looking. She worked in a Chinese restaurant LaoPo 8 posts. I don't see this being any more a Thai-farang issue than it is anywhere else. With the exception of the guys who get off the plane and marry the first girl who smiles at them, then come here a year later and post about how untrustworthy Thai women are. Take all these inquiries, suspiscions, and situations and then change the locale and Mother.

Would the child in question be 'yours' if it was Australian or American or German or Cabadian or British or Norwegian or Sorry to say this, but if you are having a baby and you are genuinely worried about whether it's yours then you are not with the right woman, or she is not with the right man, whichever. I don't doubt that these things happen everywhere in the world but I think deep down you know yourself if you can trust your wife or not.

You didn't actually mention if you are having a baby, are you? Facial characteristics should be a giveaway. Any child that I've ever seen that doesn't have the same facial features has always been the child of another man.

Stating the obvious here I know. The couple Thai farang baby foreigners here in Thailand that have fathered kids that they knew weren't their own did so 'out of love' for the child, I don't know if that's considered 'letting it be'. If you would have been reading my OP properly you would have seen it's not about me; personally, I am not worried. I have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. It was a genuine question and not a wind up or being sarcastic. Many Thai farang baby this forum know me and will know I'm not the kind of member posting troll issues or wind ups.

I do not understand why people consider this as a personal or sarcastic issue because the question was -again- genuine and meant to be honest.

It is better to know now than later. If anyone has doubts, it's better to check if one is the father Yeah fine, but this is a Thailand forum largely and I fail to see what's special about Thailand in this respect OK keep your shirt on, I know you said as much yourself. Isn't it more relevant to ask if this is a bigger problem here than elsewhere possibly and if so why and allow Thai farang baby to respond constructively aside from the idiot comments that are inevitable.

Maybe he knows, maybe he doesn't. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. If he isn't, at least the kid is likely getting a better life than it would under different circumstances, so there is at least one winner in the triangle. My daughter looks just like me, sadly for her, and were it not for the fact she is dark skinned I'd challenge anyone to say she had any Thai in her at all.

I trust my wife and you can tell he is a mixed baby. The embassy did not ask for a DNA test also, they felt the same after questioning my wife. If is to count back to see if you where there when she was Ovulating. It around 14 days after her period starts. I know my wife cycle, That is how I plan my trips to come see her, It work for our son Chase. A DNA test will prove conclusivly if your the farther or not. I would love to know how many husband would ever ask there wives for a DNA test in any part of the world.

You are outright telling your wife you don't trust her. I understand accidents happen and if it were a newer relationship and a question of child support was at stake then yes, a DNA test would be prudent. Otherwise, if you have to ask your wife Thai farang baby a DNA test are you really married to the right person? True; if you have to ask your wife for a DNA test it means one has doubts about her fidelity But I agree that in most relationships it is, at least, not a pleasant question to ask and a reason for lots of trouble.

But if one has doubts My daughter looks absolutely nothing like me. If there would be any doubt, we would have split up years ago on both sides, please do not tar everyone with the same brush as its a little naughty. I'm not sure if you meant me but maybe you should read the OP's post a little better. I'm not tarring anybody with the same brush, just asking how anyone would know. Gartz on the baby ok Thai farang baby her picture You did not change you avatar to her picture, what kind of father are you Next month trip is not the right time.

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The topic may as well have been titled how do you know your baby is yours? Being of mixed race has nothing to do with it. The only way to tell for sure is a DNA test. But if you lack the trust and mutual respect to resort to tests, then the relationship has already degenerated to the level where a test will only serve to confirm what was probably expected. Marry a virgin, no problem, ,,,im not sure our daughter is my wifes!. Nothing to do with DNA tests and all that jazz, pure and simple the way he likes to suck on her nipples.

It's that or his wit, charming smile and modesty. This is always an issue on Maury Povich US talk show host. Paternity tests where the 'father' has no doubts at all about being the baby's dad and thoroughly shocked to hear there could be another man.

Sorry, i know this is a serious thread but the 2 incidents above just cracked me up. This is extremely common all over the world -- much more so than most people realize -- but nothing specific to Thailand. It's being uncovered more and more because of DNA test, and even breaking up long-term marriages between couples who have adult children. I'm guessing we'll continue hearing more about this, and eventually DNA tests to establish paternity will be routine, even when a married woman has children. We've all made mistakes about trusting the wrong person.

When it happens, only in retrospect do we see the s if there were any. If you're constantly wondering whether your wife cheats on you, that's one thing. But there's no harm sending off a strand of your kid's hair along with yours under the "trust but verify" mantra. I don't worry about my wife cheating on me. Nevertheless, when we have our first child, I'll verify.

We all sat at the table and my friend told me that my daughter did not look like me, untill my baby took a glass of lemonade and drank it in 3 seconds. I know my son is mine he has 2 birth marks 1 exactly here mine is and the other where the missus birth mark is I think that can be pretty sure without any tests any way I trust my wife immensely and he loos like me when I ws a. I know many Farang -Thai couples with Kids and not one of them looks Thai.

Not even the one whose father is a Thai farang baby haired, tanned Italian. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ?

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