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The 37 year old Reynosa

In a Reynosa migrant shelter, just yards from the U. Having left Mexico as a year-old, he fretted about returning to his violent home state of Michoacan. With Trump taking a tough stance on undocumented immigrants, he ruled out a common path for many deportees - back into the United States.

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It took her about 20 minutes to drive to the cemetery from her house in a lower middle-class neighborhood in the Mexican border city of Reynosa. In just half that time she could have driven across the border into Texas.

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The photographs are ed and arranged chronologically, first of the Battle of Reynosa on 9 Maythen the Battle of Matamoros on June Individuals included in the photographs include General Lucio Blanco and his chief of staff Francisco Mujica. Glenn's description of each photo is transcribed in this inventory, with a visual description of the contents added. This material is in the public domain. Cite as: P. Repository Browse List.

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Accessing Materials Described Here. Glenn Photograph Album. Photo album created by P. Glenn includes 65 original photographs, most of which depict various scenes during and after two major battles--Reynosa and Matamoros--of the Mexican Revolution,along the Mexico-Texas border. Following photos depict scenes of the Battle of Reynosa, in and around May 9, Huerta's Fedrals [sic] routed by Carranza's Rebel's [sic].

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Catholic Cathedral. Reynosa Mex where some of Fedral [sic] Soldiers made their last stand. View of Catholic Cathedral and various associated buildings in Reynosa, Mexico.

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Court house. Leaving Reynosa Mex. Six men and women inspect the damage to a freight train in Reynosa, Mexico. The train engine and two ading cars are still on the train tracks but there is debris surrounding it. About freight cars, including a passenger train of the Mexican National RR. Smoldering train cars on train tracks with debris along side train tracks in Reynosa, Mexico.

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Four men and women inspect damaged freight engine and cars on train tracks in Reynosa, Mexico. Three men and one woman pose in front of damaged freight engine and debris in Reynosa, Mexico. Mexican National Ry. A woman examines destroyed train car in Reynosa, Mexico. Cotton Mill. Three men and woman among remnants of a cotton mill in Reynosa, Mexico. Five men and woman pose in front of destroyed cotton mill in Reynosa, Mexico.

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East Corner of Plaza. View of Reynosa's east corner Plaza, where people gathered in front of one building with the name "Gerado M Guitierrez" painted along side the roof. View of a two story government building in Reynosa, Mexico, on the east side of the Plaza. Scene where three men remove dead soldiers from the roof of a government building in Reynosa, Mexico.

Dead Soldiers in the Streets of Reynosa Mex. Men stand around the body of a dead soldier in Reynosa, Mexico. Men view two dead soldiers on a cobblestone walkway in Reynosa, Mexico.

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Two men pose near the bodies of two dead soldiers on a street corner in Reynosa, Mexico. Wheel - barrows brought into servie in carting the dead soldiers from the streets of Reynosa Mex. Two men about to cart off two dead soldiers from a street in Reynosa, Mexico. A Catholic Cathedral lay in the foreground.

Cap't Walk of 14th Calvary U. Creator notated Hidalgo, Texas is on the U. Captain Walk stands in front of a porch; men stand on the porch in the background with backs turned away from scene. Several dead soldiers lying in a horse drawn cart while men stand on both sides, in Reynosa, Mexico.

Horse drawn cart with dead soldiers in back driven through street in Reynosa, Mexico.

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Watching the Battle of Reynosa Mex from the W. Custom-house, at Hidalgo Texas. Seven men five on boat are on one side of the river while a crowd of people stand at the opposite shore. Creator marked an "x" where a Mexican woman died.

Refugees arriving at U. Custom house Hidalgo Tex. A crowd of people stand outside a building in Hidalgo, Texas. Man dressed in military uniform with hat and boots. Second man in standing in background. Man in uniform and hat standing with hands behind his back.

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Twenty-three men, dressed in military uniforms, standing or kneeling outside of a building. Nine men, six of which are in a car. Creator marked U. Customs officer Anglin's figure with an "x". No date. Group of buildings with a single man on a horse riding away from the structures. Creator marked Gen. Blanco's quarters with an "x".

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Twelve men standing outside of a building. Creator has marked Dr. Serturche's figure with a 1and Gen L. Blanco's figure with a 2. Assasnation [sic] when trying to cross back to Mexico side — No date.

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Creator has marked Gen. Pena's figure with an "x". Chief of staff; to Gen Blaco [sic], at Rebel headquarters. Man wearing a hat and boots, and holding a jacket with one arm and the other arm wrapped around a young boy identified as a hero of the Battle of Reynosa.

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Boy is holding a rifle and is wearing rounds of ammunitions. A 11 year old hero of Battle of Reynosa Mex, who did hard fighting under gen Blanco, and was wounded in the right shoulder in an open fight with 2 Fedral [sic] soldiers he killing both of them!

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Young boy standing outside next to a fence holding a rifle and wearing rounds of ammunition. Boy is identified as a hero of the Battle of Reynosa. Following photos depict scenes of the Battle of Matamoros, in and around June 3 and 4, Building next to piles of wood, with a ladder leaning on the side of the building. Building next to piles of wood.

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Three people possibly 1 man and 2 women are present outside of the building. A of men on foot and on horses are outside near a man-made barricade and building. A group of men 1 man is on a horse stand behind a man-made barricade in the street between buildings.