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Tiff MO housewives personals

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I guess after three lousy episodes, they had to bring in Troop Heather to bring some sensibility back to the show. They must have paid her a bundle. This just might be the demise of Edgy Leah. Time for some nice chatter. Then a moron named Leah, whips out her phone and proceeds to devalue Heather with her pod cast fodder involving LuAnns supposidely drug problem during the nice dinner. The girl is batso crazy.

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Somebody should have took her phone away and put her ass in Uber back to the pandemic City. Maybe newly Ebony.

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Crazy Leah was supposed to be better this season, but turned worse. Poor .

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I would think these women, with how they hold themselves to be so sophisticated, would be more gracious houseguests. I guess Luann was right; money can't buy you class. As much of Sonja that is a god awful mess all I see first is that her surgeon ruined her nose and mouth, it's a crime. Damn it I, like Ramona, do not like talking about eating ass at the dinner table, or the lunch table, breakfast table, snack table or any other kind of table. Me thinks Sonja pooped her pants at the restaurant - when they were all leaving, Lu was already outside, Eboni was walking out the door of the restaurant holding packages, Sonja and Ramona in the background and Sonja's pants are definitely soiled with something.

She definitely tries too hard. Frankel actually went for the jugular because she was so lost and pathetic. She was disdainful, dismissive, arrogant, hypocritical, desperate and manic. Hell, I'd take Kelly and Aviva in the trade.

At least none if them completely dominated every conversation like the disgusting, low class piece of trash that is Leah. As far as I am concerned the only HW even close to Leah in sheer awfulness is Brandi Glanville but, at least in the beginning, she had a mildly interesting story line because of all her then public battles with Eddie and Leeann. Leah's got nothing. She has ruined this show. Leah was beyond annoying. Eboni made some valid points about kicking someone when they are down however, why should Lu just still there and take it?

Yeah, the marriage ended but it was a marriage. He was her husband. In middle school, a friend of mine was a bedwetter so during sleepovers she would put a long foam pad inside her sleeping bag. It was pink for some reason and had a dollar bill imprinted on it. Tiff MO housewives personals is hideous. Leah was doing the most this episode; Heather was cool as a cucumber like always.

A couple of things about the show last night.

LuAnn is still making a fool of herself over a man. She really thinks she is so special to have a boyfriend. Arguing with Sonja over whose man Tom was. If I were LuAnn I wouldn't want that name brought up ever. He was no prize. Being married to him for six months, going to Miami and getting black out drunk and getting arrested and charged with a couple of felonies all because she was pining after this man. So Sonja now has no access to Quincy's money? She said something about now that she is of age all of her s have been placed in Quincy't name.

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She is probably terrified that this source of income for her is running out. Repeating what others have already said about Leah, she is vile and talking about sex at the table is one thing saying what Leah said is another thing altogether. She is vulgar and trashy. I love Lu, but she is one horny woman. She goes for younger too.

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Remember the Pirate she brought to the rental down the Bahamas when Heather went crazy that Lu brought him back to the house? Now I hear she has another boyfriend. I also had wondered if something happened to her shirt in the episode and that why Lu bought her the cover up shirt at the boutique. Sonja is a sad mess. Not cute, eccentric, funny, or a personality trait. Same with Leah. Raunchy and gross. This was, hands down, my favorite franchise of HW and it is now utterly awful. I turned it off last night. I will read here for the snark, but I won't be watching anymore; it's unwatchable for me and, trust and believe, I watch a LOT of trashy TV.

I saw a "news" report that they are already casting for next season. I want property porn, fashion, vacations, jewels, and subtle, witty shade I'm out. I have Tiff MO housewives personals feeling that Andy really likes Leah and what raunchy stuff she brings to the table, he sees it as controversial, edgy, etc I think Sonja's not wrong that Luann prioritizes the men in her life over her friends. I think that was a valid criticism.

However, Lu's also right that it is a bit rich for Sonja to point that out since Sonja apparently ghosted both Luann and Ramona for most of the summer.

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Plus Sonja's attitude towards Garth is more like one that a jealous ex-lover would have than a friend. Sonja isn't as vicious as Dorinda but like Dorinda, I think she uses alcohol as a crutch and uses it to lower her inhibitions to say stuff that she is normally not willing to say to her friends.

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It's going to continue to be a problem. I didn't really watch the seasons that Heather was on but from what I've seen of her, I'm not really a huge fan. That being said, Leah is doing too much to gang up on her and it's making me more sympathetic towards her than I think I would normally be.

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Bless Ramona because I would have brought that up. I still hope it comes up at the reunion. Got that? I was just thinking, if Leah hates Ramona so much, why doesn't she host something herself? It'd be a tight fit in her apartment for a party that would, most likely, have a vulgar theme, and I'm afraid of what personal friends she'd invite. Not to mention, a nice spa day, to her, meant going someplace where no one seemed to want to touch any surfaces, Tinsley was not comfortable removing her jewelry, and they were flogged with eucalyptus branches.

Years ago I was watching some daytime show.

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Someone finally nailed him on what bankrupt meant, given that he still had ten million dollars back in the s. That's how I feel with Sonja. She made really terrible business decisions that cost her a fortune. She is saddled with the townhouse of gloom and doom that she refuses to list at a reasonable price. Yet she can get plastic surgery, go to "wellness retreats", pay minimally for interns and does all of the other BS that she does on a daily basis.

She has a TV job for which she is paid very well to do nothing but show up and be a fool. She will not end up homeless and destitute. People with the kind of money she had typically don't. It seems like her daughter now has the family money.

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She can give Sonja an allowance if need be. Then Sonja can cry to us all about how she should be on a yacht in on the French Riviera with the fabulous people.

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I do feel sorry for Sonja because she is such a mess. We are watching her fall apart. At the same time, she needs a serious dose of reality and a solid kick in the ass to. And while Cher is speaking for me, let me add a note to all of the housewives I'm looking at you, Lu.

Everyone is just supposed to bow down to Sonja when she does nothing to help herself. Fuck that shit.

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If it's exhausting watching Sonja live in the past and constantly bring up Harry and Tom, I can only imagine how annoying it is to listen to her drone on and on about it. Lu reached her limit, so I'm not mad at her for it.