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Utopia asia shanghai

Less run down than the former premises, but this is still a Chinese neighborhood sauna, so lower your expectations.

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Special thanks to andrew16, Shaunrkanakana, Azthairub, Reetah, byronski, hbj, Fip, d1partyanima, rollin, nxala, billy-shane, buzifrancois, Matthew B. Tree-lined boulevards and ornately deed merchant shop fronts are testament to its former prosperity and its hopeful future. This is a city of contrasts--sleek skyscrapers rise next to dusty shophouses hoisting laundry out their windows; McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC have sprouted up on every block; peddle carts ply traditional sweets on the sidewalk in front of Cartier. Shanghai startles in its manic modernism.

Neon-splashed Huai Hai Rd sports trend-setting world-class department stores, mega-restaurants, cathedral-sized banks and gleaming Metro stops. People's Park, with it's showcase museums, is a good spot to view the city's spaceport skyline, straight out of The Jetsons. Shanghai appears to be run by youth, staffed by youth, and patronized by youth. The population now exceeds 23 million that's almost a million Utopians!

Nearly every gay you meet in China says they want to live here. The nightlife is constantly reinventing itself, but many venues have found Utopia asia shanghai patronage from young, professional locals and expats.

Shanghai has come to rival Hong Kong as the gay center of China. From Hongqiao International Airport, take subway Line 10 into the city. The group is diverse and welcoming. Great way to meet new people and to engage in the local scene. Every other Sun at 5. The week-long festival attracts around people for a showcase of 50 or so international and Chinese films, parties, and workshops.

Probably the largest event of its kind in mainland China. Events are free. Venues are announced about a week before the festival. Specialized in in-depth themed tours such as Jewish history in Shanghai, colonial architecture, Chinese philosophy and religion, Chinese gardens and so on.

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Tailored unique gay trips. Your personable guide shares interesting facts and answers questions about Shanghai's colorful history and culture, while ensuring that you have the best quality tour experience in the city. Add your review, comment, or correction for Shanghai hotels and accommodations. for Shanghai bars and clubs. for Shanghai discos. for Shanghai karaoke.

Shanghai -- area code +

for Shanghai massage for men. Beware of hustlers. Many hustlers, but also some gays looking for friends. Some MBs. This tiny park with dim corners attracts decidedly mature non-scene local men and the "archeologists" Chinese gay slang who seek them. Add your review, comment, or correction Everyone seems to sum up Shanghai food with two attributes: bland and sweet. If you want to try tasty local food, street-side stalls and shops are abundant, and fresh. Noodles are often still cut by hand.

Don't miss the local street specialty, sheng jianjuice-filled, sesame-topped pork dumplings see picture fried and steamed in giant round pans.

If you could pick one food to take with you to a desert island, and it wasn't Humboldt Fog, it should be sheng jian! Buy a voucher at the small counter inside. One order is four dumplings. Careful, these divine dumplings are little granades filled with steaming hot juice! Bite a little hole first and perfect the art of sucking to protect yourself and those around you. We warned you!

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Sit inside or on cozy couches on the breezy balcony surrounded by trees. Excellent selection of authentic tapas. Last order at pm. Authentic Greek cuisine and excellent service. Reasonable prices.

A famous, small dozen tables restaurant serving excellent Shanghai specialties. Very friendly staff can make recommendations from the extensive menu.

We recommend the fatty pork in sticky, sweet brown sauce; sweet, flavor-packed fried boiled shrimp; sensational chewy noodles braised in scallion oil; marinated vegetarian "chicken" with chili peppers; and thin-sliced preserved tofu with parsley. Service is fast. Although they may be able to squeeze you in on the Utopia asia shanghai, make a reservation to avoid standing outside on the street with the other stand-by hopefuls.

Famous Hong Kong pop stars come here for delicious and inexpensive Shanghai food or so they say. Large menu with pictures and the prices are super reasonable. Have a look at all the photos on the walls of dressed-down Chinese superstars enjoying dinner here. Surprisingly unpretentious, cozy little restaurant. It's all about the great food here. Large, cozy booths and a case full of scrumptious desserts like olive oil white chocolate mousse with lingenberries.

Jaja serves incredible xiaolong bao steamed dumplings in bamboo baskets. Bite first holding it in a spoon with your chopsticks to suck out the golden broth.

You won't want to miss a drop! The shredded ginger in sweet, citrus-scented vinegar is the perfect condiment for this dumpling. Eaten with a bowl of shredded egg and seaweed soup to further heighten your taste buds. This combination is one of Shanghai's must-have foodie treats. Yang's serves excellent sheng jian pan fried dumplings.

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This version has a thinner, softer skin than some of the doughier versions served elsewhere. Enjoy with a cold can of China's herbal alternative to Coke. As always with sheng jianplease try not to squirt your neighbors with steaming pork juice. This restaurant has to have the gayest men's bathroom in Shanghai pay a visit, if only to wash your hands! The staff are all wearing "Chinesey" period costume but the waiters are totally cute so the effect is more charming than camp.

Chunky wood furniture how many forests were killed to furnish this place? The place was full of locals rather than tourists a good .

Great and unusual dumplings come a dozen to a plate, fried with a crispy crepe-like skin so you have to pull them apart. You can see close to one hundred gay people having dinner then. Shanghai flavor specialties of the highest order are served in this tiny, hole-in-the-wall restaurant with only half a dozen tables. Take a Chinese friend along to help you order and also interpret the hilariously grumpy Auntie who fiercely guards the superiority of her long-running establishment over the competitor next door.

If nothing else, be sure to sample the pork belly in sweet black soy sauce, the buttery alfalfa sprouts, baby clams in fragrant broth, and the flat fish smothered in wine-soaked rice. Add your review, comment, or correction for Shanghai saunas for men.

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Gay and lesbian-friendly.