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What is the best chick flick

Watching a good movie with your besties is one of the best ways to spend a Friday or Saturday night.

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If there's a cinematic genre we've grown to appreciate more than ever this year, it's the chick flick. In times of uncertainty, sometimes all you need is your best mates, wine and some snacks, a few face masks and a girly film.

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Sometimes, you really just want to get all dressed up with your BFFs, head to the nearest bar, and dance the night away. Other times, you'd rather stay in for the night, clad in your most comfortable pajamas, scarfing down a buffet of unhealthy meals, and gossiping with your friends over endless glasses of wine. For the evenings when you prefer to stay in and kick it, it's essential that you gather around your television screen for a mandatory viewing of some feel-good film that will inevitably leave you in stitches or in tears, or both.

Chick flicks can be beautiful rom-coms, messy dramasempowering stories —or sometimes all three at the same time. Yes, Legally Blonde is one of those. Yes, it is on this list. No further questions. Now is the perfect time to select one of these sweet, balm-for-the-soul films to brush off the work week and relax.

Ahead, the 45 best movies to watch during your night in with your squad. Before there was Catfishthere was You've Got Mailthe original rom-com about people falling in love while low-key lying to each other over the internet.

It's just a fact. Watch this with your bestie right now, because it's about two adorkable besties adorkably on vacation together. The plot is honestly just a vehicle for IRL best friends Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo to chirp sweetly at each other and be funny, so just roll with it. Get ready to not be able to explain why you love this film and yet love it so, so much. Question: Is there a better way to spend a night with your nearest and dearest than belting out ABBA hits at the top of your lungs?

Answer: No, there is not.

The movie Mamma Mia a big screen version of the hit Broadway jukebox musical is always a crowd-pleaser. If you're not familiar with Bollywood films, snag this and revel in the songs and settings. If you are, then why haven't you watched one of the classics of all time? Not only will Pretty Woman ignite your inner urge to stage a fashion makeover montage, but it's infinitely quotable—all the makings of a perfect girls' night pick.

Let's just say not putting this on the list would be a big mistake. Of the many Judd Apatow movies, this might be the most traditionally rom-commy. Amy Schumer's "Amy" doesn't do monogamy, until she meets Bill Hader. I mean, technically, she meets his character Aaron, but who wouldn't want to be with Bill Hader?

NO ONE. This underrated gem is on Netflix for super-easy watching, and it really delivers on a "god, if only" premise.

52 of the best 'chick flicks' to watch on a girls' night in

A chauvinist accidentally bangs his head and wakes up in a world where the women are in charge dream of dreams. Watching a jerk get a taste of his own medicine is the revenge fantasy you didn't know you needed. If you want to go truly classic for girls' night, cue up Breakfast at Tiffany 'sstarring Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, a woman working as an escort and looking for real love. There are Especially if you love it. Do your inner pre-teen a favor and rewatch 's stunning masterpiece, Spice Worldin which the Spice Girls play very meta versions of themselves, trying to decide if they should do a Spice Girls movie.

Based in large part on Kumail Nanjiani's early relationship with his wife Emily Gordon, this is one of those where you'll Google it afterwards wondering, Is this really true? Emily Zoe Kazan is struck with an illness that leaves her in a coma after Kumail played by Nanjiani himself dumps her.

57 all-time best chick flicks perfect for girls' night

And believe it or not, the film's as funny as it is heart-wrenching and sweet. This rom-com starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey is a modern screwball masterpiece and a damn good time that mostly holds up. In the film, Kate plays a magazine writer tasked with driving away a new flame in 10 days flat using the most stereotypical lady-in-love mistakes she can think of, while Matthew plays an ad exec determined to prove he can make any woman fall madly in love with him during the same timeframe because that will mean he can sell diamonds, apparently.

What ensues is some true early-aughts rom-com gold.

Unfortunately most well-known as "the film where J. Lo literally worked her ass off and got snubbed for an Oscar nom," this one's also a perfect one to watch will girlfriends. Which stripper-turned-con artist would you be in this riveting rags to riches to jail time story?

Her day job, however, is more of a night job, working as a bartender at Coyote Ugly, where she makes friends, makes drinks, and learns to come out of her shell. Plus there's a lot of bar top dancing that you will percent daydream about reenacting. Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton star in this hilarious lady-centric comedy about three middle-aged women who reunite at the funeral of a friend who died by suicide after her husband left her for a younger woman.

Realizing they've all been seriously taken for granted by their own ex-husbands as well, they set about getting their well-deserved revenge. Amy Adams, who can basically do anything, is a princess literally out of a fairytale and stuck in miserable, cynical New York City. It also features major eye candy, with not just McDreamy but James Marsden too. Thelma and Louise is, in some ways, probably the ultimate girls' night movie. The movie follows best friends who go on the run after Louise Susan Sarandon shoots and kills a man who tried to rape Thelma Geena Davis.

Brad Pitt also makes a notable early and very sexy appearance in the film.

This might have been made over a decade ago, but it had smart, timely things to say about the pressures women face to be sexy and not sexual. Helping her gay friend pretend to be straight via a fake tryst, Olive finds her, uh, skillset both in demand and punished at her high school. Easy A cemented Emma Stone's rise to superstardom, and it's because she's so relatable. There are movies that you know the moment you hear about their existence are going to be great, and there are movies that sound kind of insane, but turn out to be surprisingly delightful.

About Time is the second type. The fantasy-romance-drama follows a young man Domhnall Gleeson who learns that the men in his family inherit the ability to time travel when they turn He uses said power in his quest to woo Mary Rachel McAdams and somehow doesn't creepily veer into being a story about a man using magic to rob a woman of her agency and choice. The movie follows a young woman named Louisa, who takes a job caring for a wealthy young man who left paralyzed after an accident. A poor little rich girl falls for the sexy dance instructor at her summer resort, even as society okay, mostly her dad tries to keep them apart.

Plus dancing.

It's a classic that will energize everyone in attendance at your girls' night film festival. It's every high school nerd's fantasy: Finally prove yourself cool to the entire school with your best friend at your side. Booksmart is raunchy and silly and funny—and also way funnier than your REAL high school years could ever be.

This gem stars Mira Sovino and Lisa Kudrow as two of the most believable best friends in film history. When Romy and Michele get the invitation to their year high school reunion, they start to feel self-conscious about what they've accomplished since graduation.

In the gloriously pre-Facebook world ofthe two hatch a plan to lie their way to reunion glory, claiming to have invented Post-It Notes. Predictably, the lie-to-everyone-we-used-to-know plan doesn't go off without a hitch. Love it or love to hate it, 's Britney Spears vehicle Crossro is a sometimes poorly-written, but still endearing love letter to female friendship. If you're in the mood to be unabashedly uncool, this road trip film which also stars Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning hits the spot.

Another Apatow-directed movie, Kristen Wiig hilariously stars in this comedy as Annie, a thirty-something trying to balance her existential crisis with her role as a bridesmaid in her best friend's wedding. The only problem?

The greatest chick flicks ever made

She's a pretty terrible bridesmaid, and—hot take here—kind of a bad friend. A group of besties have the best shopping trip ever when they find a pair of jeans that somehow manages to flatter all of their bodies what witchcraft is this, and where can I get a pair?! The jeans help them reunite with family, battle deep emotional trauma, and even find true love.

One of the most defining moments in every friend circle is the moment when you have to gather around the girlfriend whose ain't-shit man finally exposes his true colors. In Waiting to Exhalefour women try to navigate the stress of marriage life brought on from their equally trifling partners, strengthening their bond as friends in the process. Alicia Silverstone became a pop culture icon for her role in the classic Clueless as lovable but offbeat Cher Horowitz, a rich girl with a killer closet navigating life as a high schooler in Beverly Hills.

The coming of age film is a loose adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma ; like Austen's protagonist, Cher What is the best chick flick a well-meaning matchmaker who doesn't quite see the big picture. Allie and Noah's love story in The Notebook makes for the perfect girls' night movie.

It's got romance, a few steamy love scenes, and a forever quotable moment: "If you're a bird, I'm a bird. Jenny Han really was onto something when she wrote up everyone's dream boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky Noah Centineo. He's tall, dreamy, and always down to make his girl Lara Jean feel special.

It doesn't matter that you've probably already watched this Netflix original too many times to count—it'll give you and your friends the warm fuzzies like it's the very first time. The '90s gave us its fair share of truly amazing films, but Love Jones manages to stand out with its simple but scarily relatable story about two people who can't seem to figure out what their relationship is. Turn your girls' night in into a girls' night out to your local open mic night so you can find your own Darius Lovehall.

Carrie and friends hit the big screen inand their drama followed them; our heroine is still trying to manage her complicated relationship with Mr. Big, Miranda is raising her son with Steve, Charlotte is toying with the idea of having another child, and Samantha Yes, there have been many Pride and Prejudice remakes over the past few years, but this one stands out among the rest because the chemistry between Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen is out of this world.

Thought your last girls trip to Cabo was crazy? Think again.