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What kind of flowers to buy a girl

You wanted to do something nice for your girlfriend—maybe even a little corny. When it comes to buying flowers, Really, just grabbing the ones that call out to you—or look slightly prettier than the rest and fit your budget—will suffice, most of the time.

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Love is in the air.

The thing is, you forgot to buy flowers for your sweetie, and now all the flower shops in town are sold out. We all have a friend who never wants to hang out, but only calls when he wants something?

Annoying, right? Early on, you need to set a precedent, by giving her flowers when things are good. Then, when you make her mad or get in a fight, you can buy her flowers to recall those happy times.

I call it the Happy Times Principle. The secret? Giving flowers doesn't have to be expensive. If full-service is more your thing, support your local florist, where you can get advice, see the flowers before you buy, and get the bouquet arranged — by someone who will do a much better job than you can. Many large cities, such as Los Angeles, have flower districts.

Roses are classic, of course. If you really want to impress your gal, give her something unique: lilies with fern leaves, a mixed bouquet, wildflowers, etc.

If she looks at them and puts them in the window, get her big bright colorful flowers. If the first thing she does is stick her nose in them, get her flowers that smell good. The Bouquet. The classic behind-the-back surprise bouquet of flowers works like a charm. When you get a bouquet of flowers, it usually comes with a little package of plant food.

Step 1: learn at least a little something about your girl

Here are some ideas:. The Office Delivery.

Send flowers to her work. Most flower shops offer delivery, and there are a ton of places online. Better yet, deliver the flowers yourself.

Best flowers to give a girl

Super romantic, this will earn you a huge return of Happy Times points — both with her, and with her cute co-workers, who will want you or someone very much like you as their boyfriend too. You could take this as far as you like, from just stopping by on her lunch break, all the way to a Flower Strip-o-Gram. The Setup. Live together? Get flowers, arrange them in a vase, and put them somewhere where she might not notice them right away. The Run. Just hanging out tonight?

This one is great if you have roses that are past their prime. Before they wilt or dry out, take off all the petals and scatter them around the bedroom. To complete the romantic picture, light some candles and put on some music.

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Set aside two petals and put them in a couple glasses of wine or champagne. Yes, roses are edible, and even said to be aphrodisiac. One quick note about scattering rose petals. Use common sense if you have a really expensive white carpet.

Also, see my article about how to get back your damage deposit. The main thing is to remember the Happy Times Principle. Buy flowers for during good times, buy them occasionally at random to keep her on her toes, and then when things go wrong, your flowers can help make them right again. Before birth, Jesse's mother decided that Jesse Stern was a great name for a writer or musician.

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He now lives as a touring and studio musician in Los Angeles California. He also has an 80's tribute band, The Young Guns.

He plans to wait until 40 to write his first novel. People like to joke how complicated women are, yet the right flowers at the right time can melt even the most intricate woman. We'll show you how, what to look for, and where to get a bouquet for less than what you blow on lunch. Jesse Stern Before birth, Jesse's mother decided that Jesse Stern was a great name for a writer or musician.

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Introduction: clueless guy's guide to buying flowers

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